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External vendors

Things to consider before engaging with your vendor

If you are considering hiring a vendor to develop a website in the Web CMS (AEM/CQ), there are a few things you should consider and discuss with your potential vendor.

Web Skills

Before your project begins, consider the individual(s) responsible for maintaining your site and discuss their experience with your vendor.  If your resource is HTML savvy, is a great designer and has basic programming skills, this may give your vendor more room to be creative in their web design and development. If your resource has little to no web experience, it is critical that the vendor know this before designing a site that will be challenging to maintain.

Training and Documentation

Include training and documentation as a mandatory deliverable of your project. Once your site has launched and your vendor has moved on to other projects, you are now responsible for updates and changes to your website. You need to know how they built your site in order to make updates.  If you do not include training and documentation, your department may find it difficult to make changes to your site.

Custom Code 

External developers often add custom CSS and JavaScript to your pages to achieve a specific look or function.  Depending on the level of customization, the code can impede  your ability to update the site.  It can also interfere with how different browsers display your content, and how the CMS components are meant to function. 

The responsive templates do not permit developers to include external code, including CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, etc. The ability to add external code is only available in legacy templates such as the 960 template.

Issues created by custom code (CSS, JavaScript, etc.) are not covered by Digital Publishing's support services.  If you experience issues with custom code, please contact your vendor first. Changes to these sites can be accommodate on a chargeback basis.