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Creating versions

Versioning allows you to rollback to a previously saved version(s) of your file. The process of creating versions is not automated. You must manually create every version, including the first one, if you want the ability to restore them in the future. 

To create a new version of a page:

1. Open your file/page

2. In the Sidekick, select the 4th tab (Versioning)

3. Enter a Comment (optional)

4. Click the Create Version button.

A message will display on the page to indicate that the version has been created.

For example, "Version 1.2 created for: Election Results."

Restore a Previous Version

1. Select the Restore Version option in the Versioning tab.

2. Choose the version you want to restore. 

 CQ will store up to 20 versions of a file.  Once you have 21 versions, version 1.0 will be deleted, and so on.  In order to keep CQ working efficiently, we must regularly purge our database of old and out of date data.