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Responsive Component Guide

Components are the building blocks of your webpage. They are the containers for your content. Every page in your website contains of a variety of components - layout components (columns, accordions, tabs, etc.) and content components (text, images, slideshows, etc.).

After you have created a new page, open the page and begin adding your components.  Layouts are controlled using layout components.  Content components can be added to layout components.

Components in sidekick

Add component to your page in one of two ways:

  1. With your page open, choose component from Sidekick and drag it onto the page.

  2. On open page, right-click on area reading "Drag components or assets here."
    Select "New" and choose the component from the Sidekick.

Depending on the functionality of the component, there are two different ways to edit a component on a page:

  1. Right-click on the component click "Edit" from the menu
  2. Double-click the component you want to edit 

Edit the component as needed and click "OK" to confirm updates.

  • Right-click the component, select "Copy" 
  • The copied component name will appear in the Clipboard at the bottom of the content finder.

  • Right-click and click "Paste"   

Right-click the component and click "Delete" from the menu  

Components by Type