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Reference Component

The reference component allows you to "borrow" content from other pages within the CMS (either in your site or from another site in the CMS to which you have permission).

When content is updated in the original location, it will also update on your page. 

This is a great alternative to re-creating or duplicating content yourself. It reduces the need for you to manually update your content every time the original component changes.

  • Found in Sidekick > Content
  • Required content: Locate file you would like to reference 
  • Optional fields: None
  • Custom Colours Applicable:  No

The following content was referenced from the admissions website:

How to use

  1. In Sidekick > Content, click on "Reference"
  2. Drag "Reference" onto page
  3. Double click, or right-click to edit
  4. Using the page tree located on the left hand side of the dialog box, find the name of the site, and the page from which you would like to reference your component.
  5. Once on the page, select the [+] next to the item entitled "Page Components." This will expand a list of every component used on the page. 
  6. The components are listed by order of appearance on the selected page. To double check that you have chosen the correct one, a preview is available to you on the right hand side of the edit window.
  7. Click OK to display the component referenced on your page.

Screen capture of how to drag and drop the reference component
Drag and drop the Reference component from the sidekick
Screen capture of the reference component
Use the page tree located on the left side to find the page you would like to reference