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Text Component

The Text component allows you to add text to your web page. 

  • Found in Sidekick > Content
  • Functions: Copy, paste, undo, redo, formatting, horizontal rule, opens in new window, create links, special characters and spell check
  • Styles available: white background
  • Required content: text
  • Optional fields: optional button
  • Custom Colours Applicable: none

The following is a sample of the formatting options available in the text component:

  • Apply headings: H2-H6
  • Add Links to other webpages
  • Insert special characters/icons 

  • Add Bold Text | Italicized text 
  • Insert <HR> - Horizontal rule

Add bullets (or ordered lists): 

  • Bullet one
    • Indented bullet one
  • Bullet two
  • Bullet three

Add a white background:

How to use

  1. In Sidekick > Content components, click on "Text"
  2. Drag "Text" onto page
  3. Double click, or right-click to edit
  4. Add desired text; using the toolbar to customize your content, such as adding headings, bold, links, bulleted lists, etc. 
  5. Click OK
Screen capture of how to drag and drop the text component
Drag & drop the Text component from the sidekick
Text Component Toolbar to customize content
Use the toolbar at the top of the component to customize your text

Optional Button Feature

The Optional Button feature is located at the bottom of the Text component. It allows the option of adding one button below your text.

  1. Type in the name of the button
  2. Enter the Path/URL
  3. Click OK

Note: The colour of the button is based on the accent colour of your site.

Course link feature

The course linker automatically generates a link to a specific course in the Undergraduate Calendar.

Typing in the exact course code will:

  • automatically link the course code to the course calendar
  • automatically create hover text to show the course code, course name, and description

 Please write the course code exactly as it is in the calendar. Avoid extra spaces and use the same case.

For example, type CMN 100 and not cmn 100