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Title Component

The Title component allows users to add a title within their content.  

  • Found in Sidekick > Content
  • Styles available: none
  • Required content: Title text
  • Optional fields: heading, icon, path, open in new window checkbox
  • Custom Colours Applicable:  No

*Please note that the title component begins at H2 and the font sizes have been converted to em and are not available in pixels.

This is my H2 title with an icon

This is my H3 title without an icon

This is my H4 Title with icon

This is my H5 title with no icon
This is my H6 title with icon

How to use

  1. In Sidekick > Content, click on "Title"
  2. Drag "Title" onto page
  3. Double click, or right-click to edit
  4. Select Heading, add title, select icon (default is no icon) and add link and checkbox to open in new tab, if required
  5. Click OK

Heading levels and accessibility

Headings give structure to a web page and should be properly nested.  <H1> is followed by <H2>, and  <H2> is followed by <H2> or <H3>, <H3> is followed by <H3> or <H4>, etc. When adding headings to pages, do not skip heading levels.

Screen readers provide keyboard shortcut keys that go from heading to heading, making it easier for the visually-impaired to navigate content on a web page.

Each page in the responsive templates has the Heading 1 (H1) defined when the page is created. Users can apply H2 through H6 in multiple content components.

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