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Feedback Forms

Use this component to create feedback forms, which allow you to collect information from users and send that information to an email address of your choice.

Things you will need before creating this form:

  • Thank you web page (create a new page)
  • "Mailto" email address (email to receive submissions)
  • "From" email: (Mandatory)

Description of form components:

The form section of the sidekick contains a set of components that can be used together to create the actual form.

You must drag the 'form' component into the page first.  From there, you can drag other form components (such as address, radio group, etc. ) into the 'form' component - between the Start of Form and End of Form areas.

Need to know:

  • Form components should not be included in Tabs or Accordion components.
  • Only one form per page
  • Form fields are NOT RESPONSIVE
  • Form component width can only be set in the components with a Width field. Width is set in pixels at current time.

Sample Feedback Form


How to Use:

  1. Go to Sidekick > Expand the Form section
  2. Drag "Form" component onto page
  3. Click Edit on Form component
  4. Link to thank you page 
  5. DO NOT select "Start Workflow"
  6. Click on Advanced tab
  7. Choose "Mail" in Action Type dropdown
  8. Select "Action Configuration"
  9. Add to "From" field
  10. Add your-email address ( to the "Mailto" field
  11. Provide a description for your email subject line in "Subject"
  12. Click OK

At the bottom of the form, or the End of Form

  1. Click Edit (next to End of Form)
  2. Select Show Submit Button
  3. Add Submit Name and Submit Title
  4. Select Show Reset button
  5. Click OK

Below is a list of configurable form components. Each has a specific configuration. Be sure to give each component an "Element Name". Required fields can be set within the "Constraints" tab.

Address Component   

Checkbox component

Dropdown list

Upload an attachment

Radio Group

Text field

Check the following:

  • valid email in the "Mailto" field, found in Form "edit"
  • from" field must include the following email:
  • check that you have included a link to the thank you page
  • Make sure all elements have an "Element" name
  • Radio Buttons/checkboxes must be set to required