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Layout Components

  • Layout components are a subset of the components section in the Sidekick
  • Use layout components to control the overall positioning and layout of content on a page.
Green locked layout icon

Layout components are "Locked" by default.

All layout components have the ability to be locked or unlocked.  For components that include this feature, such as the Flow layout component, it is set to “Locked” by default. You can click directly on the "locked" button to unlock and use the component. 

Locking prevents the hovering edit effect of components, as well as moving or accidentally opening a component’s edit dialog.

Locking a layout component makes it easier to edit the content inside without accidentally focusing on the layout. You can drag other components into a layout component in the locked or unlocked position.

Unlock to:

  • delete
  • cut/copy
  • drag a component above the locked layout component (see image below)
  • drag to another location on page

If a component is locked, you can not drag another component above it. You must first unlock the locked component to do so.

  • Don't add Table components into layout components
    If they look bad in author - mobile is a disaster 
  • Do not copy and paste Tab components on the same page