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Asset List

The asset list component allows users to create a list of DAM assets.

  • Found in Sidekick> Lists and Grids
  • List display only; No grid view
  • Required content: Paths to DAM folders/assets
  • Custom Colours Applicable:  No  

Asset list display:

Display your assets

Configure the asset list

  • Drag the component onto your page
  • Double click to open
  • Set the path(s) to the DAM folder(s) containing the assets you want to display in the list
  • Select: Display the file size (optional)
  • Order by filename or created date in ascending or descending order
  • The offset value is a numerical value; the offset is the number of items to 'skip' and not display in the list (optional)
  • Icons are automatically associated with the file type in your asset list