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Biography List or Grid

The biography list and grid component generates a list (or grid) of biographies that can be displayed in alphabetical order.  

This component can be used to create a Faculty & Staff landing page, a list of Alumni, Researchers, or students, etc.

  • Found in Sidekick> Lists and Grids
  • Display options:  List and grid view
  • Required content: Paths to location of biographies
  • Custom Colours Applicable:  No 

 List Filtering Options:

"Autocategorized Tags" and "Categorized Tags" are two filtering options which allow users to filter list results using one or more tags. Learn how to use tag filtering.

Sample bio list display (no images):

Sample grid display (with images):

 If no thumbnail image is available within the biography, a generic Ryerson icon will display in the grid view.

How to use:

 Important: Individual biography pages must be created using the Biography template. Create your biography pages before creating a list. Content in the fields of the biography template will be displayed in the bio list.

  1. Drag Biography list/grid component onto page (found in Sidekick>Lists and Grids)
  2. Open component
  3. In Display As tab, select either List or Grid
  4. If you select Grid, the thumbnail image in the biography template pages will be displayed in the grid.
  5. Grid selection requires the selection of the number of columns:

    - One column
    - Two column
    - Three column
    - Four column
    - Six column

  6. The following content (from the biography pages) can be displayed in the List or Grid
  • Name
  • Position/Title
  • Department
  • Education/Qualifications
  • Office Address/Location
  • Telephone
  • Areas of Expertise
  • Email
  • Website
  • Tags 

Configure the content to display:

  • Paths - navigate to the path to the general content template containing your biography pages.
  • Click Add Item to add more than one path.
    You can select a parent path, multiple paths or link directly to a specific page.
  • Set a limit for the number of pages to display (e.g. 8 max per page)
  • Offset - this is the number of pages you want to skip and not display in the grid or list
  • Order by - firstname or lastname
  • Results per page - the number of pages that display in your list or grid (e.g. 4)