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Event List or Grid

The Event list and grid component allows users to create a list or grid (with images) of event pages.

  • This component must be used with the following templates:
  • Found in Sidekick> Lists and Grids>Event
  • Display options: List display and Grid view
    • Thumbnails are not displayed in the list style.
    • Thumbnails added to the event release template will display in Grid display only.
  • Custom Colours Applicable:  No  

 List Filtering Options:

"Autocategorized Tags" and "Categorized Tags" are two filtering options which allow users to filter list results using one or more tags. Learn how to use tag filtering.

Event grid display:

 If no thumbnail is available within the event, a generic Ryerson icon will display in the grid view.

Sample event list with a Registration Link entered.

Event list display:

Sample event list with a Registration Link entered.

How to use:

  1. Drag Event component onto page (found in Sidekick>Lists and Grids)
  2. Open component
  3. Select Display As: List or Grid
  4. If you select Grid, the thumbnail image in the event pages will be displayed.
  5. Grid selection requires the selection of the number of columns:
    - One column
    - Two column
    - Three column
    - Four column
    - Six column
  6. The following content (from the event release pages) can be displayed in the List or Grid
  • Title 
  • Summary
  • Date and Time
  • Event Open To
  • Location
  • Contact
  • Website
  • Registration Link
  • Display Tags on Items
  • Enable Filtering By Tags
image file

Images placed on the page will NOT display in the grid.

Drag image into thumbnail tab for grid display.

Configure the content to display:

  • Events to display can include
    • Current and future events or
    • All events, past, present and future
  • Paths - navigate to the path to the archive template containing your event pages.
  • Click Add Item to add more than one path.
    You can select a parent path, multiple paths or link directly to a specific page.
  • Set a limit for the number of pages to display (e.g. 8 max per page)
  • Offset - this is the number of pages you want to skip and not display in the grid or list
  • Results per page - the number of pages that display in your list or grid (e.g. 4)
  • Pagination options: Paged (Using Show More button) or Numbered (Using numbered pages)

Using the examples included above - limit of 8, results per page 4, the following would be the list display, using Numbered pagination option:

image file

Event Configuration: Choose the content you want displayed in your list or grid.