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Page List or Grid

The page list or grid component allows users to create a list or grid of web pages.

  • Found in Sidekick> Lists and Grids>Page
  • Display options: List display and Grid view

    • Thumbnails are not displayed in the list style.
    • Images added to the page properties of a webpage will display in Grid display only.
  • Custom Colours Applicable:  No  

 List Filtering Options:

"Autocategorized Tags" and "Categorized Tags" are two filtering options which allow users to filter list results using one or more tags. Learn how to use tag filtering.

Page list display:

Configure the page list/grid

  • Drag the component onto your page
  • Double click to open the component
  • In 'Display As' tab, choose List (no images) or Grid (with images)
  • In 'Display' tab, choose the information you want displayed in your list or grid.
    Note: Options vary between lists and grids.
  • In 'Content Configuration', set the path to the pages you want to display
  • Modify additional options such as number of results, etc.
  • Order in ascending or descending order by Title, filename (i.e. nodename), created or last modified date
  • The offset value is a numerical value; the offset is the number of items to 'skip' and not display in the list (optional)
  • Additional parameters allow you to control the display using tags
Open component and select display