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Digital Publishing (DP) offers free support year-round for all issues and bugs related to core AEM templates and components.

 New features or enhancements

At this time, we are not accepting requests for new features or enhancements to any components, templates or features.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with CQ, please report your bug or issue. Your request will be sent to our ticketing system and we will try our best to get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Digital Publishing (DP) supports issues related to the CQ/AEM system, core templates and components; however, DP does not support issues related to sites with custom styles (CSS) or non-AEM scripts (JavaScript, JQuery, etc.). 

If you have a site with custom code, please contact your developer before submitting your issue.  DP can accommodate changes to these sites on chargeback basis.

The responsive templates do not permit the inclusion of CSS or external scripts. This allows for an improved experience for users updating content in the CMS, reduces the number of issues related to non-CMS code and maintains the integrity of the Ryerson brand standards.


Online training is currently available for responsive templates only.    There are three templates currently in use in CQ/AEM. We encourage users to convert their legacy sites to responsive.

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