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CQ/AEM Web Author Training Course

This course is specifically designed to provide the basic knowledge required to update and create responsive websites in CQ.

To better serve our web authors and provide a leading-edge web experience, Ryerson University uses Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), also called CQ.  CQ/AEM is a web Content Management System that is easy to use for non-technical faculty and staff.  It allows users to create and manage web content. AEM is a browser-based application that allows editing from anywhere using RU-VPN2 and your my.ryerson userid.

Topics covered:

  • accessing AEM
  • navigating the CQ interface
  • creating and editing responsive pages
  • adding content using components
  • making content public (activating)
  • digital asset management
  • creating news, events and bios
  • and more...

 Be advised that the completion of this course is now required before any new user can gain access to edit websites in CQ. 

Once you have completed watching all videos and passed each quiz, you can submit a new user form to request access to an existing website or request a new site.   

New Users

Training is required before ANY new user can get access to CQ/AEM.   

Current Users

If you are an existing user of a legacy template, you must take this training course before you can access a responsive website.   

It is important to note that all new websites are built using the responsive templates. If you are a current CQ user who requests a new website, you must complete the training course before getting access to the new site. 

Register for the course

Training consists of six learning modules. Each module covers specific topics to help you learn and become familiar with building and editing web pages in CQ/AEM. You can watch and learn at your own pace.  You can pause the videos and re-watch them at any time. 

Each lesson has a transcript available for download. After completion of the course, you will have the basic skills and knowledge to create and edit responsive pages using AEM.

Each of the six modules contains:

  • a 6-12 minute self-paced lesson
  • a brief quiz 

In order to complete the course, you must complete all six modules sequentially and achieve 70% or higher on each of the quizzes. There is no limit to the number of times you can take the quiz.

You will receive a certificate upon completion.