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750 Template

This template is a legacy template. A few things to know about the 750 templates:

  • No longer supported or enhanced
  • No new sites are created in this template
  • May contain unsupported, deprecated components

The information provided on this page is for authors who maintain websites that were built using this template. Please note that this content will no longer be updated.

When creating new pages in the 750 template, the following templates are available for use:

  1. Three column template
    Page is divided into 3 main columns: left navigation, main content area and right feature.
  2. Two column template, with left navigation
    Page is divided into two main columns: Left navigation area and main content area.
  3. Two column template, with right feature
    Page is divided into two main columns: Main content area and right feature.
  4. One column template:
    Page contains no left navigation or right feature.
  5. Right feature template: This template is used for creating content in the right column/feature area. This file must be named 'right' or 'rightfeature'. Content added to this template will appear in any template that displays the right feature.
  6. Redirect template: This template is used to create a redirect.


Sample: Three column template with left navigation

Sample: Right feature template

Only left navigation is available in this template.  There are three levels available.

/parent/child/child  = /level1/level2/level3

To show a file in navigation, the 'Hide in Navigation' option within a file's page properties, must be deselected.  To hide a file from displaying in navigation, you must select 'Hide in navigation'.

To change navigation label:

Go to the page properties of the file and modify the navigation title.


The site name is added in the Section Banner file of your site.