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  1. Open up your website folder in the admin screen
  2. Click New in the top left corner
  3. Select the Footer template
  4. In the Title and Name fields type in "footer" (no capitals)
  5. Click Create
  6. Double-click on the footer file to open it up
  7. By default, your footer will be using the Dark Theme. You can switch this to the Light Theme by selecting Themes > Light Theme, in the Theme bar along the top of the component

Important Notes:

If you are using the Light Theme, remember to edit the Social Media component in the far right hand column to display the dark icons instead of light for easier visibility.

If you wish to create a custom footer, please switch to the Ryerson Default theme before adding your footer content in order to reset the styles and re-enable the Theme bar on the components within the footer.

Edit components within the footer the same way you would edit them on your content pages.

You can view a custom footer on the Policy Studies PhD site.