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Legacy Components

The following components are available in legacy (i.e. "old") templates only.  This includes all 960 pixel templates, and the 750 pixel templates. Legacy components have the same functionality in either template type.  

Please note: Responsive templates and legacy templates do not share/use the same components. Responsive templates use updated responsive components and while many have a similar function, they have different configurations and styles.  

Responsive templates cannot reference legacy components and vice versa.

Component themes

Themes are collections of styles that can be applied to content within the component. All themed components have a “Ryerson Default” theme.  To change the theme, select the  “Themes” dropdown to see what options are available. Almost all legacy components have themes available.


To further customize the style of your content, select the "menu" dropdown.   

To change the look of a component select an item from “Customizable Items.”   A series of options will appear to the right.  These options allow you to modify properties such as colour, size, font, padding, margins, etc.

Using “Basic” properties is recommended.  Clicking on each property will bring up a short description in “Property Information” detailing accepted values along with basic examples to guide you.

Certain components will allow you to Preview them before accepting changes.  

Enable Advanced Theme Settings

Advanced settings can be enabled by opening “Theme Settings” under the “Page” tab of the sidekick.    

The following components are used in legacy templates: