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Event list component

The Events List Component is used to gather a number of events throughout Ryerson to display as a list.

Event List

How to use

  1. In the sidekick click on "Events List"
  2. Drag "Events List" onto page
  3. Double click, or right-click to edit
  4. Optional: The Display tab is already pre-populated with a "List Title," feel free to keep it or delete it. You can check or uncheck the items listed in this tab, depending on what you want displayed
  5. Click on the Content Configuration tab
  6. Click on Add Item
  7. Click on the magnifying glass
  8. Search for and click on the folder that contains the events that you want to display
  9. Optional: Change the Limit, Results per Page, and Offset. You can also add tags to filter the results
  10. Click OK