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Archive Template for News & Events

The archive template must be used when creating either news or event pages for your website. They help organize and structure content in a consistent way and this makes it easier to share with other sites. 

Structuring content using the archive templates improves list performance, content search and display.

News and event templates can only be used within an archive folder.

  • Custom Colours Applicable:  No

Archive templates are not intended to be News & Event Landing pages. They are created for structure only. You can use a news list/grid component, an event list/grid or a calendar component to display news and events on any page within your site.

Monthly archive page

Sample news & event archive structure:

Domain Parent Child Child Child Page /psychology/ /news-events/ /2017/ /02/ my-news-story.html /psychology/ /news-events/ /2017/ /02/ my-event-page.html
Template to use: homepage template general content template Archive (yearly) template archive month News Template, or
Event Template

Create a new archive template:

  • In the site admin, choose a location for your archive
  • Create New...>New File
  • Scroll and select News/Events Archive (Yearly)
  • Select Archive Year
  • Click Create
  • The archive template will autocreate its title and name (Title: Year Archive | Name=Year)
  • In the left pane of the site admin, click on your new archive
    • Monthly archives have been autogenerated with a numerical value within the year archive (01=January, 02=February, etc.)

Yearly Template is pre-populated with:

  • Heading (H1) reads Archive – YEAR
  • List of all months, with links to system-created monthly archive pages

Month Template is pre-populated with:

  • Heading (H1) reads Archive – MONTH YEAR (cannot be modified)
  • Columns component:
    • News list
    • Event list
    • Page list to display list of months for specified year

Note: News and event lists can be removed from these archive pages depending on what a user needs.  Other components can also be added.

Yearly Archive page