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Content Template

Need to know:

  • This is an open, or blank, template.
  • The content and layout are user-defined.
  • The page is pre-populated with a Heading 1 (H1) component, which is derived from the Title added when page was created.
  • User can change the H1 that appears on the page and it will not affect the Page Title.
  • This template is a single column layout, with optional left and right sidebars (controlled via inherited content).
  • Use layout components to generate the page layout you require
  • All components can be used in a general template page.

Sample layout:

The sample layout below can be created in the general content template. The components used to generate this layout are included in the text below.

City councillor Kyle Rae (left) and president Claude Lajeunesse (right) celebrate Ryerson's 50th anniversary
Image + optional text component

2 Column layout component - 2:1 Split

First column: Image + optional text component and another columns component with 2 columns, even split with image + text componeonts in each;  Second column contains Buttons component (4 buttons); video +text component and Page List & Grid (6 pages listed)

A black and white historical photo of Ryerson Students in front of the main building.
Lorum Ipsum
Electronics students broadcast the first live television show in Canada for a general audience
Dolor sit

Video + optional text component

Buttons component

  • four buttons
  • style 2

Video + optional text component

Page List & Grid

  • List display of six pages