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Homepage Template

  • This template is used for homepages only.
  • Almost all components can be used on the homepage template. Forms cannot be used on this template.
Homepage Template
  • Index files are no longer necessary in the responsive templates
  • Your site name or root level "folder" is your homepage

For example:  

  • "about" is the root and the homepage of your site

    All of the following URLs will resolve to:


  • Your site name is created within the Inherited Content template

In the page properties of the homepage template, click on the Navigation tab and select one of the following choices:

  • Horizontal and left - Level 1 is displayed as horizontal; Levels 2 & 3 are set as left vertical navigation, or
  • Left - All three levels of navigation are located in the left sidebar

Open Page Properties > Go to Navigation Tab

Remember to activate page.

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In the page properties of the homepage template, select the Site Colour tab.

  • User can select one of the colour combinations
  • Colour combination will be displayed in all components with an eyedropper

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  • On the homepage, the slideshow component sits above the left/vertical navigation.
  • Only a slideshow can occupy this space.
  • The slideshow can contain one or more images, or not be used at all.
  • Two slideshow can be configured to two widths:
    • Full page width (minimum 2000px wide)
    • Constrained to content area (minimum 1200px)

Slideshow - Display - Full Width

Slideshow - Display - Content Width