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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Not all websites will transition at the same time.
  • Transitions to touch can happen between June and the end of September 2021.
  • After all users of a site(s) have completed training, submit the transition request form. (Form will be available in June)
  • Digital Publishing will work directly with individual sites to schedule the transition of the site and site authors. 
  • Users who have not completed training at the time of transition will be removed until training is complete.
  • Digital Publishing will require a minimum of two days notice before a site can be scheduled for transition.
  • Post-transition instructions will then be shared with all site authors so they can begin using the touch interface.

We have prepared a checklist of actions that will help authors and site owners prepare their teams.

Your legacy website should be moved to the responsive templates no later than April 30, 2021.

Yes. All legacy templates, files and components must be out of AEM servers by May 1, 2021.

Legacy sites cannot be kept on any web servers; however, you can request an archive (zip file) of your legacy site before it is replaced with your new responsive website.

All webpages (HTML files) and assets must be activated in order to capture all files for the archive.

You can request an archive when you request your responsive site activation.

If you have a websites in an older template, you must move to the responsive templates before April 30, 2021. Legacy (older) templates will no longer be editable or accessible once the transition to the Touch User Interface (UI) begins.

Only responsive templates will be editable in the Touch UI.

Some options available to you:

  1. Request a site conversion-migration to the responsive template; there will be some manual work needed to fix up these sites but we recommend prioritizing this work before the deadline date.  
  2. Delete any sites that are no longer being updated; lack relevant or timely content; or were were event-driven but have passed.

At your request, Digital Publishing can do an automated migration and conversion of your legacy website to the responsive templates. After the site has been converted, you will have a significant amount of changes to make. Digital Publishing is not responsible for content changes. Please review what you need to know about converted sites

Before you begin, you will need to take the online responsive training course to learn to edit and make changes to your responsive site. Once you have completed training, you can request a conversion.

We recommend that you and your team review the Touch Transition Checklist for a list of actions and forms to help you prepare for the transition to Touch User Interface.