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About Digital Publishing

Digital Publishing is a client services unit of Computing and Communications Services (CCS) .  Digital Publishing provides digital services and web support to university stakeholders.

The Digital Publishing team maintains the AEM/CQ web development environments and makes regular enhancements to meet the evolving needs of the University's faculties, schools and departments.

The Digital Publishing team’s responsibilities include:

  • Management, enhancement and maintenance of the university-wide web Content Management System (WCMS), AEM (formerly CQ).
  • AEM training, documentation and support services for over 1000 CMS editors
  • Web design and development services
  • Technical maintenance of Google Analytics and the internal Google Search engine for
  • Development and implementation of accessibility features (AODA-compliant) within the WCMS
  • Facilitating and guiding the creation of new websites
  • Set standards for and direct the development of the University's Web content management system (WCMS).
Digital Publishing team
Digital Publishing Team