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Workshops - Day 1

Note: ENG = George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre, LG = Lower Ground, 01 = Room number one

May 10, 2018 - Conference Day 1

Presenter(s) Name of Workshop Location (Room)
11:15 am - 12:45 pm

Rinaldo Walcott

White Privilege/Free Speech ENG-101
Rabbi Julia Appel Building a Campus Community that Rejects Anti-Semitism ENG-102
Desmond Cole Hiding in Plain Sight: Whiteness and Canadian ENG-105
Nicole Forrester Diversifying Sport: Whitestream Sport ENG-106
Jennifer Clarke, Farah Ahmed, Caro Castro, Dorothy During, Kimberly Wolak Complicating White Privilege, White Supremacy & Oppression through an Intersectional Lens (Panel Discussion) ENG LG-02
Adrien K. Wing

Critical Race Feminism: Enhancing Sophistication & Intersectionality

Christine L. Cho, Julie Corkett, Astrid Steele, Anne Obeyesekere, Renée Mzinegiizhigo-kwe Bédard 

Subtle & Intentionally Ambiguous: Working Through Ways to Navigate Sites of Exclusion  

Sakeena Mihar, Jasmine Zine, Imam Yasin Dwyer, Becky Chioma
Islamophobia, White Privilege & its Effects (Panel Discussion) ENG LG-06
Anke Heiser "What is Holding Me Back?": Sharing Obstacles & Developing Strategies, A Dialogue among People that Seek & Work Towards Liberation at the Intersection of Privilege ENG LG-12
Cyrus Sundar Singh How We See: The Colorizing of Race ENG LG-13
Kelly Amanda Train Whiteness, White Ethnic Otherness & Social Class ENG LG-21
Henry Navarro Hushed: Deciphering Systemic Discrimination in the Multicultural University ENG LG-24
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm Shirley Cheecho Walk in My Moccasins: Film Screening of "Shadow In Deep Water" ENG-101
Sultan Rana For the Students- Creating Culturally Responsive Classrooms (Anti-Oppressive) ENG-102

Kojo Demptey

Organizational Change & Institutional Racism ENG-105

Jacqueline Battalora

Going Back to Go Forward: The Invention & Spread of Whiteness ENG-106
Chris D'souza Challenge (In)Equity: Understanding White Supremacy & its Impact on Racialized Bodies in a Canadian Context.

Idil Abdillahi

Exploring the N-Word ENG LG-04
Jasmin Zine, Zabedia Nazim Securing Innocence: The Alibi of White Exceptionalism ENG LG-06
Nathalie Sirois Exploring Racism & White Privilege Through a Pedagogy of Discomfort ENG LG-12
Bernadette Arthur, Leesa Renee Hall A Time to Heal: Healing from the Wounds of Internal Racialized Oppression (IRO) ENG LG-13
Ismael Traore Seeing Racism & Whiteness through Mindfulness ENG LG-21
Nikki Shaffeeullah, Julia-Hune Brown, Bessie Cheng, & Morgan Glorious: A Performance Creation Workshop & QTIBPOC2S Monologues from the AMY Project - Maximum 20 Participants (2 - 2.5 hrs) & Performance ENG LG-24

*Workshops are subject to change