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Workshops - Day 2

Note: ENG = George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre, LG = Lower Ground, 01 = Room number one

May 11, 2018 - Conference Day 2

Time Presenter(s) Workshop Name Location (Room)
11:30 am - 1:00 pm Dolana  Mogadime, Glenda Anderson O’Connor, Amanda Lyn, Lydia Collins Black Women Empowerment & the Ways We Resist Racism, White Privilege &
Oppression (Panel Discussion)
Ali Michael Raising Race Questions: Using Inquiry to Sustain Growth ENG-102
Sarena Johnson, Trish Starling Decolonizing Student Affairs: Starting with the Self ENG-105
Natalie Roach The Narrow View of Privileged Mental Health:  Widening the Lens ENG-106
Nicole Desnoyers Walking Two Worlds: Responsibility & Intentionality while White Passing ENG LG-02
Brianna Greaves Moving White People, Moving White Money: SURJTOs First Year of Collecting our Cousins ENG LG-04
Jacqueline Battalora White People: From Origins in North America to a Global Norm ENG LG-05
Thurka Gunaratnam Thinking Outside the Privileged Box for Content Creators ENG LG-06
Rabia Khedr, Heather Willis, Darren Cooper, Sri Pathmanathan Addressing White Privilege & Disability Through an Intersectionality Lens ENG LG-12
Kosha Bramesfeld, Jasjit Sangha The Intersectionality Awareness Game: Can You Succeed at the Game of Social Life? ENG LG-13
Nicole Neverson Addressing Oppression: Strategies of Critical Pedogy in the Classroom, Campus & Beyond ENG LG-21
Yunxiang Gao "Roar, China!" Langston Hughes & the Leftist/Communist China ENG LG-24
3:15 pm - 4:45 pm   John A. Powell Building an Inclusive Society: Understanding our Problems & Understanding
Transactional vs. Transformative Change
Sasan Issari &
Senator Wanda Thomas Bernard
Braver Spaces in Social Work: Exploring Student Learning About Privilege & Micro-Aggressions ENG-102
Eddie Moore Jr., Ali Michael The Guide for White Women Who Teach Black Boys  ENG-105
Hamlin Grange Doing the White/Right Thing is not Enough ENG-106
Yenesew Yacob Belay Challenges with First World Hegemonic Practices ENG LG-02
Natasha Aruliah, JinSun Yoon Moves to Innocence: Working with Complex Identities of Marginality & Dominance ENG LG-04
Jeewan Chanicka Inclusive Design: The 6 threads for Transforming School Effectiveness Using an Assets Based Approach ENG LG-05
Vidya Shah Leadership for Social Justice through the Lens of Self-Identified, Racially Privileged Leaders ENG LG-06
Sonny Kin Ho Wong Are My Career Thoughts/Values Really My Own? When Internalization Influences One's Career Identity ENG LG-12
Ruth Childs Pursuing Equitable Access to Post-Secondary Education: What Comes after Access Initiatives? ENG LG-13
Dori Tunstall Whiteness Without White Supremacy: A Generative Creative Workshop to Construct Alternative Identities for Settler & Migrant Peoples of European Heritage ENG LG-21
Avvy Go, Debbie Douglas & Shalini Konanur Economic Apartheid in Canada: The Last Frontier of White Privilege (Panel Discussion) ENG LG-24

*Workshops are subject to change