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The following is a list of my current and past teaching:


IND600 – Systems Modelling and Simulation (Undergraduate, 3rd year)

ME8140 – Simulation Theory and Methodology, (Graduate)

EMS202 – Operations Management, (Undergraduate, option)

EMS302 – Operations Research, (Undergraduate, option)

Past (Ryerson):

IND810 – Flexible Manufacturing Systems, (Undergraduate, 4th year)

IND706 – Decision Analysis, (Undergraduate, 4th year)

IND300 – Introduction to Management (Undergraduate, 2nd year)

MEC518 – Manufacturing I, (Undergraduate, 2nd year)

Past (University of Ottawa):

ADM2302 – Introduction to Management Science (Undergraduate, 2nd year)

EMP5115 – Simulation of Production Systems (Graduate)