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What is Zone Learning?

Zone Learning is a new model of experiential learning built to allow students to apply their degree coursework to real world startups, causes, companies, projects or ventures. Zone Learning is about more than passing on knowledge, it’s about gaining experience that will prepare you for the 21st-century workplace. When you join Zone Learning you’re joining more than just a community, you’re joining a movement to shape the future.

Wondering how you can level up your learning and become part of our exciting and engaged community? There are many ways to get involved with Zone Learning whether you have an idea for a startup or not.


Community members are an important part of the Zone Learning community. Participants at the community level can drop-in to Zone Learning events from ice cream socials to hackathons where they have the opportunity to gain new skills and grow their network.

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Want to become part of the Zone Learning community? It's easy! Join us at one of the many Zone Learning events happening across the network. No matter where your interests lie, there's space for you in Zone Learning.



Contributors, aren't working on their own startups but they are helping other members build theirs. They could even be working for a zone to help ensure zone operations run smoothly. Contributors include employees, interns, associates, consultants and apprentices.

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Interested in getting involved but not ready to pitch your own idea just yet? Consider joining one of our existing startups! There are always lots of exciting opportunities in the zones from internships to full-time positions.



Creators are at the core of the Zone Learning community. These are members of the 10 zones who have applied and been accepted with an idea they are developing. Creators are startup founders, project leaders, researchers and more!

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Ready to pitch your idea to one of our 10 zones? Select the zone that most closely aligns with your idea! Each zone has a slightly different application process, so be sure check their deadlines and requirements before applying.