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Co-Development Lab

The Co-Development Lab offers clinicians and students the opportunity to develop solutions together to address real problems at St. Michael’s Hospital. This program provides Ryerson students in technical disciplines the opportunity to hone their skills through relevant work experience, while clinicians are given the chance to identify and develop high-impact, needs-based solutions with biomedical applications.The resulting solutions foster improved efficiency and workflow, better outcomes, and lower cost.

As part of the Co-Development Lab’s expansion efforts, the program is quickly connecting a large number of engaged students to sustainable projects within St. Michael’s Hospital. Projects that are being implemented in St. Michael’s Hospital have a goal of long term application adaption, and we are looking to expand the program to other healthcare facilities and institutions.

How it works for Clinicians

To propose a potential Co-Development Lab project, clinicians can submit a Expression of Interest (EOI) form. Project proposals will be evaluated by the Biomedical Zone for clinical feasibility and market need. Clinical lead(s) will then be invited to an in-person interview to assess fit.

This is an opportunity to advance important, practical (non-research) projects.


  • Clinical leads are expected to meet with the student team bi-weekly for progress updates and feedback.


  • Directly implement a home grown solution to address an unmet clinical need at low cost.
  • Access to the Biomedical Zone’s startup, clinical, and advisor network.

Expression of Interest Forms:

How it works for Students

Motivated Ryerson Undergraduate students can apply to the Co-Development Lab through our student application. If selected, the student will enter an 8-month program, where they will receive invaluable mentorship, hands-on learning opportunities, and the chance to advance a high-impact, real-world healthcare problem.

Students selected for Co-Development Lab have the opportunity to engage in experiential learning and clinical immersion, developing career-oriented skills.


  • Must be a Ryerson Undergraduate (2nd year or above) student at the beginning AND end of the 8 month cohort.
  • Must be able to commit 15 hours/week to the project.


  • Experience working with clinicians on a healthcare-specific challenges.
  • Letters of acknowledgement from the Biomedical Zone’s Executive Director, Dr. Linda Maxwell.
  • Exposure to the Toronto health startup ecosystem.
  • For engineering students, hours towards your Professional Engineering (P.Eng) Certification.

Expression of Interest Forms: