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Associate Membership

Get in the Zone to push the limits of design, build entrepreneurial capabilities and solve real-world problems.

Join an existing team on a commercial startup or an experimental project and gain experience working in an entrepreneurial environment.

Bring your skill set and knowledge to a startup or project already underway. Maybe you’ll offer your expertise in product design or physical prototyping, in drawing or web design, in sales or marketing. Wherever your talent lies, an existing team can use it.

Our job is to connect you with a startup or project based on your interests and abilities. Yours is to collaborate with the team and help bring the vision to life.

As an Associate Member, you’ll have full access to DFZ resources and to Ryerson’s whole zone community. What better way to gain design and fabrication experience, build your resumé, and work within an entrepreneurial environment?

Recognition as an entrepreneur

As an Associate Member, you’ll be registered in the zone learning umbrella course (CEDZ100). Four active semesters earn you a non-grade credit and a notation on your transcript as “Optional Specialization in Zone Learning:  Design Fabrication.”

Special to the Startup Stream

If you join an existing startup, you can enroll in our new Integrated Design Program (IDP). In the IDP, you can work directly with an accredited professional designer, attend a seminar series and participate in a design charrettes.