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Experimental Stream

With access to professionals, leading artists and a community of emerging designers, you can pursue your project free from the constraints of commercialization.

Experimental projects at the Zone are as diverse as they are creative. Some focus on an upcoming cultural event, festival or competition. Others involve installations ranging from small to large, temporary to permanent, and sustainable design to immersive visual art experience. Projects also range from 3D solutions to the problems of a particular site to diverse forms of cultural and artistic expression. 

This stream is ideal for interior designers, architects, costume designers, inventors, visual artists, sculptors, new media pioneers and anyone with an idea for an inventive installation.


Example Projects

Shelter of Four

Shelter of Four provides shelter while simultaneously preserving views and connections to the outside world. The patterned perforations on each layer are based on the arba’s minim: four species of plants mentioned in the Torah in relation to Sukkot.


Snowcone was exhibited during the inaugural Winter Stations Competition on The Beach. Snowcone’s playful architectural design mimics the protective organic form of a pinecone and borrows the simple, effective technology of a traditional igloo.


Ryerson Helium is a recently founded design team under the Ryerson Engineering Student Society (RESS), aimed at designing and building a manned personal, lightweight, VTOL aircraft capable of long durations of flight with minimal noise output.

"The DFZ provided expert mentorship and cutting-edge fabrication tools to allow me to push 3D printing into new territories."
- Aaron Hendershott, Project Lead, Un-Natural Selection