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Start-Up Track

The Startup Track supports entrepreneurs who address problems in various industries and fields by incubating early-stage ventures as they begin their journey toward commercialization.

The Startup Track offers structure and support to take your innovative design from concept and 3D prototype all the way to mass production and commercial success.

This track is ideal for startups, entrepreneurs, designers, architects, and a range of engineers, including mechanical, electrical, aerospace and robotics.

An ideal DFZ startup is able to demonstrate the following:

  • A business dedicated to solving a compelling problem along with a desire to innovate by design
  • A driven, coachable and collaborative leadership team
  • An initial version of a product concept and a need for further prototyping and/or product development
  • A co-founder or lead collaborator dedicated to product development
  • A defined business model and some form of market validation (preferred but not required)