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Legal Innovation Bootcamp

The Legal Innovation Bootcamp is designed to introduce undergraduate students and Graduate Program students to the impact of technology and innovation in the legal domain. Students enrolled in the program have an exclusive opportunity to network with diverse mindsets, explore innovation concepts and principles, and apply newly learned skills to develop potential solutions. Due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, this year’s program is being planned to be delivered online.

The program will run from October to November 2021 with a total of 5 sessions. Throughout the bootcamp students will explore the legal industry and emerging trends transforming the sector, while also being exposed to entrepreneurial skills such as design thinking, pitching and prototyping in an experiential learning environment.

This program is limited to 40 Ryerson students. Participants who demonstrate successful completion of the program are awarded a Legal Innovation Zone certificate.

Please Note: This program is not intended for students enrolled at Ryerson's Lincoln Alexander School of Law. Law School students receive a more in-depth program as part of their Tech Innovation (JUR401) winter intensive. 

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Why Join?

As a participant of the Legal Innovation Bootcamp you’ll enjoy opportunities to:

  • Engage with entrepreneurs, Ryerson students and industry leaders.
  • Gain insights into startup culture and the entrepreneurial journey.
  • Learn about Ryerson’s Zone Learning community.
  • Collaborate with students across many faculties at Ryerson University.
  • Be awarded a certificate upon completion of the program.

2021 Program Schedule

The Legal Innovation Bootcamp will run weekly from October 18 - November 15, 2021. Sessions will be held on Mondays from 3 PM - 6 PM EST. 

Coaching sessions with LIZ mentors will be available throughout the program.

Before signing up, make sure you are ready for the commitment and are available during the time of these sessions.

Introduction to the bootcamp and this year’s innovation challenge. The launch will feature a LIZ entrepreneur highlighting their legal tech startup journey.

The discovery will include defining the challenge and creating a problem-focus using lean and design thinking methodologies.


Conceptualizing solutions with a problem-solution fit using lean and design thinking methodologies. Guest speaker talk.


Learn how to bring ideas into life by prototyping a minimum viable product.


Develop an effective pitch and learn how to elevate your presentation skills.


Pitch your innovative idea to a panel of judges and the program participants.


Frequently Asked Questions

Simply click the Apply Now button on this page and fill out the application. This is a competitive selection process so remember to differentiate yourself in the application!

The Legal Innovation Bootcamp is FREE.

The Legal Innovation Bootcamp is an exclusive program and full commitment is expected. If you have class, you will unfortunately not be able to participate in this year's program. 

The program is interactive and encourages teamwork and collaboration. To make the most out of the program, attendance is mandatory. Unless you have class, it's best to clear your calendar — we gave you the heads up!

The Legal Innovation Bootcamp is aimed towards broadening the horizons of new participants. Unfortunately, spots for the Bootcamp are only open to new applicants.

Yes. The sessions will be recorded and made available to you so that you can watch based on what’s best for your schedule. Remember this is a 5-week program so it’s best to try to watch each session on time so that you and your group can stay on the same page and complete your tasks on time.

All participants who have successfully completed the program will receive a Legal Innovation Bootcamp Certificate. Remember, it is a great portfolio builder!

The Legal Innovation Bootcamp is only open to current undergraduate students and graduate program students enrolled in a Ryerson program. Students enrolled in the Alexander Lincoln School of Law are not eligible, as they participate in a Tech Innovation intensive during the winter semester.

Yes, you do. This is an exclusive program catered to only 40 qualified Ryerson students. Before signing up, make sure you are ready for the commitment.

The Legal Innovation Bootcamp is open to undergraduate and graduate students from any Ryerson faculties and programs*. In fact, we encourage diverse perspectives!

Although there is a legal focus, this is a great opportunity for all students interested to dive into the world of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

*We do not recommend this program to students who are enrolled in Ryerson’s Alexander Lincoln School of Law. Law School students have the opportunity to learn about legal tech and innovation in more detail during their Tech Innovation (JUR401) winter intensive.

To respond to the current circumstances, we currently plan to run this year's Bootcamp cohort virtually. You will be able to join the sessions from the comfort of your own home and collaborate with your group using interactive tools.