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The Legal Innovation Zone at Ryerson University offers an end-to-end, internationally accessible service to help people with ideas grow them into global businesses. Our programming helps people launch and scale global businesses.

Iconography showing the different Legal Innovation Zone Programs

No matter where you are in your journey, the LIZ has a program for you!

Concept Framework Persona Thinking Out Loud

Concept Framework is a free, interactive online, 6-week part-time program that helps future entrepreneurs understand how to turn their innovative idea into a proof of concept.

Pull your legal innovation idea out of your head into reality. This flexible program will help you explore what it takes to build a legal tech company. Through educational content and ongoing mentorship, Concept Framework helps future entrepreneurs create a focus on validating ideas and getting to a Minimum Viable Design of your solution.

Participants will learn how to validate their ideas by engaging with interactive online content and topic experts, while working on weekly goals. Along with the online content, participants receive ongoing support from LIZ mentors throughout the program duration, which culminates in a final demo session for the cohort.

Applications for the January 2021 cohort are now open! Please see key dates for the program below.

  • Applications open: November 2
  • Applications close: January 14
  • Program Launches: January 26


This program is currently closed and not accepting applications. Please check back with us in future. Thank you

Sprint Studio Persona Thinking Out Loud

Sprint Studio is an interactive online, free, 12-week intensive program that helps future entrepreneurs develop their proof of concept into a market-ready product.

This program helps early-stage startups around the world develop innovative legal tech products and validate their business model. It focuses on initial customer development and building a marketable minimum viable product (MVP).

Participants will be working on the incremental development of their MVP to create a strong feedback loop with potential users. The cohort will engage with online content developed by industry experts, while working closely with various LIZ mentors to progress through program milestones.

What We Look For

The program is open to entrepreneurs, young lawyers, law students, and recent graduates, as well as innovation enthusiasts all over the world.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be technology-oriented
  • Your idea aims to impact legal services
  • You have or will have an MVP
  • You are looking to develop a proof of concept into a market-ready solution 
  • You are driven, coachable, and looking to be part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • You have an entrepreneurial mindset and a willingness to learn
  • You are ready to grow your business and are able to invest 3 hours per week for the virtual sessions and will be able to attend a virtual demo day


This program is currently closed and not accepting applications. Please check back with us in future. Thank you

Incubate Personae Thinking Out Loud

An incubation program for legal tech startups developing innovative products and disruptive business models. We help market ready companies create a sustainable path to accelerated growth.

The incubator supports companies that have a developed product and are already in the market with early sales. This program puts a focus on helping startups find their product-market fit and building an effective growth plan.

Accepted companies are expected to have at least one founder committed full-time to the Zone, actively engaging with the programming.

Image of Founder Derek

"Founded wouldn’t be where it is today without having the positive impact that the LIZ had on our startup. It really allowed us to get our bearings in terms of a company and allowed us to grow to where we are now.”

Derek Hopfner

Co-Founder, Founded, external link

Image of Founder Laura

“It gave us space to grow a company and the conversations we had with other people who are building legal technology products was invaluable. I think it is pretty unique.”

Laura van Wyngaarden

Co-Founder & COO, Diligen, external link

Image of Founder Puneet

“We took advantage of everything the LIZ has to offer, including networking events, Industry Nights, CEO circles. We couldn’t have done it without the LIZ’s help.”

Puneet Tiwari

Co-Founder & CEO, Evichat, external link