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Startup Building Blocks

Everything you need to know to get your startup started, from bootstrapping and design thinking to building a lean canvas and opportunity evaluation.

Online Tools & Prototyping

Grow your social media presence, build an online store, learn the basics of code and explore prototyping.


Strategies for Growth

Create a profitable business model and build a community around your company. Learn how to scale your business and adapt to market trends while considering the ethics of your business.

Getting Funded

How to apply for grants, pitch your company, manage investors and maintain basic bookkeeping for your business.

Customer Relationships

Create an online presence, get to know your customers, improve your sales skills and learn the basics of public relations. 

Wellness for Entrepreneurs

Learn to be resilient and find balance in the stressful life of entrepreneurship.

Startup Operations

Everything you need to know about startup law, intellectual property and insurance as a new startup.


Building a Team

What to consider when bringing on co-founders and how to manage team dynamics as your startup grows.

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# - B 10 magic slides, 4 word story, A/B testing, Accountability, Agenda, Agile, Analysis, angel investor, Apps, April 1st, ARPU, artificial intelligence, Bootstrapping, border investment, brand essence, brand promise, breakthrough innovation, burn rate, business agreement, business architecture, business development, business due diligence, business ethics, business growth, business model, business model canvas, business models, business plan, buyer persona, buyers journey, buying cycle
C - D C100, canadian startup, capital efficient, case study, cash flow, CCPC, Coding, cold calling, commitment clarification, Communication, communication agreement, competitive advantage, competitive analysis, Conflict, Content, content marketing resources, convergent thinking, convertible debt, core proposition, core story, cost of customer acquisition (COCA), creative destruction, Crowdfunding, CSS, customer acquisition, customer archetype, customer development, customer journey map, Customer-centric, DAU, deal terms, Deontology, design thinking, disciplined entrepreneurship, disruptive innovation, disruptive technology, Distribution, divergent thinking, double diamond, due diligence
E - I early users, elevator pitch, emerging technology, Empathy, entrepreneurial method, entrepreneurial mindset, entrepreneurial process, entrepreneurial traits, Equity, equity financing, ethical concerns, ethical theory, exit strategy, exponential benefit, extreme users, facial recognition, Facilitator, fed dev, feddev investing, financing plan, find funding, follow up, founding team, funding resources, Fundraising, giving feedback, good story, google analytics, government funding, government program, growth mindset, healthy conflict, HTML, human rights, hypothesis test, IBI program, ideal customer, ideal headline, Improvisation, incorporate, incremental innovation, inelastic demand, Influencer, Innovation, Insights, Interview, Invest, Investor, Investors, Irap
J - Q journey map, key message, Laws, Lawyer, Leadership, lean canvas, lean startup, legal due diligence, lifetime customer value, LTV, March 31st, market fit, market gap, market segments, marketing funnel, MAU, media prep, media relations, mindfulness meditation, minimum viable product, mission statement, mock up, mockup tools, Morals, nervous system, neuroscience , North star, November 30th offline sales, Opportunity, opportunity screening, origin story, outbound prospecting, pain point, preferred shares, prefrontal cortex, pro bono, problem solution fit, problem solving, problem-solution fit, product-market fit, Prototype, public relations
R - V qualitative validation, quantitative validation, receiving feedback, Referral, reliability agreement, reoccuring revenue, Resiliency, risk averse, Runway, sales meeting, screening due diligence, self awareness, SEO, Seungsahn, shared economy,shred credits, social contract, social media, social media audit, social media live, social network, stakeholder theory, Stanford school. story telling, strategic partner, Strategy, Sustainability, Take 5 Executive Meditation, talent triangle, target audience, term sheet, the Ask, third party validation, Trust, unique selling proposition, uniquely remarkable, Utilitarianism, validated learning, value creation, value proposition, VC, venture capitalist, venture capitalists, virtue


Speaker Category Tags
Design Thinking Steven Gedeon Getting Started customer-centric, problem-solving, qualitative research, empathy
Design Thinking David Senior Getting Started

Opportunity Evaluation Rafik Loutfy Getting Started
opportunity, analysis, product-market fit
Why Should I Choose You Ian Chamandy and Ken Aber Getting Started

core proposition, strategic partner, uniquely remarkable, core story, business architecture, unique selling proposition
Business Model and Lean Canvas Sean Wise Getting Started validated learning, business model, lean canvas, creative destruction, hypothesis test, disciplined entrepreneurship, venture capitalists, social contract, inelastic demand, value proposition, ARPU, LTV, A/B testing
Bootstrapping Michael Carter Getting Started bootstrapping, cash flow, business plan, pain point, risk averse, social media, exit strategy, talent triangle, business agreement, capital efficient, reoccuring revenue, burn rate, runway, pro bono, incorporate, minimum viable product
Lean Startup Method Dave Valliere Getting Started competitive advantage, business model canvas, lean startup, opportunity screening, customer acquisition, value proposition, prototype, mock up, investors
101 Ways to Successful Failure Michael Carter Getting Started bootstrapping, funding resources
Opportunity Evaluation Tarek Sadek Getting Started opportunity, analysis, product-market fit
Intro to (fear free) code Mina Mikhail Prototypes & Tools HTML, CSS, coding, apps
Mockups to Launch Amir Jaffari Prototypes & Tools landing page, feedback, mockup, email, tools, facebook group, traffic, minimum viable product, google ads, google trends, facebook ads, payment processor, target audience, google analytics, email list
Content Marketing for the Scrappy Entrepreneur Braveen Kumar Prototypes & Tools content marketing resources, marketing funnel, distribution
Startup Social Media Strategy Brent Stirling Prototypes & Tools SEO, content, market segments, competitive analysis, social media audit
Competitor Analysis Phil Walsh Strategy & Growth  
The Scalable Office Rustin Smith Strategy & Growth  
Leveraging outsourcing practices: How can startup businesses leverage outsourcing Waffa Karkukly Strategy & Growth  
Building a Community Around Your Product/Company Mike Murchison Strategy & Growth  
Growth Hacking from 10,000 to 100,000 Matt Loszak Strategy & Growth social network, social media, business development, influencer, google analytics, DAU, MAU
Growing a Startup to 100M in Revenue in Canada Yona Schtern Strategy & Growth  
Business Planning Ken Grant Strategy & Growth  
Building a Community Around Your Product/Company Khierstyn Ross Strategy & Growth  
Entrepreneurial Ethics

Ann Dulhanty Strategy & Growth laws, artificial intelligence, business ethics, facial recognition, morals, human rights, deontology, innovation, ethical theory, emerging technology, virtue, utilitarianism, ethical concerns, business models, stakeholder theory, sustainability
Canadian Financing Landscape Jeff Dennis Money invest, VC, CCPC, lawyer, preferred shares, term sheet, deal terms, equity, competitive advantage, fed dev, competitive advantage, lawyer, border investment, crowdfunding, IBI program, convertible debt, C100, canadian startup, investor, equity financing, border investment
Pitching Investors Sean Wise Money elevator pitch, venture capitalist, business plan, exponential benefit, third party validation, 10 magic slides, the Ask, lean canvas, market fit, problem-solution fit, product market fit
Media Pitch Session Ian Portsmouth, Diane Buckner, & Rob Gerlsbeck Money  
Startup Accounting 1: Bookkeeping John Love Money  
First Funding Alan Lysne Money  
Applying for Government Grants Jennifer MacInnis Money business growth, government funding, feddev investing, irap, government program, november 30th, march 31st, april 1st, shred credits, find funding
Managing Investors Corey Gross Money  
Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs Mo Waja Money authority, foundation building, awareness building, conversion driving, technical credibility, percieved credibility, marketing mix, visual anchor, narrative arc
Social Media Maximization Jeremy Shtern Customers social media
Innovating in Retail Liz Evans Customers  
Sales 102: USP and Cold Calling Jason Silver Customers unique selling proposition, cold call, follow up, offline sales, mission statement, sales meeting, customer development, North star, referral, ideal customer
Time to Embrace the Power of Storytelling Mark Evans Customers buyer persona, origin story, story telling, ideal customer, buyers journey, target audience, 4 word story, value proposition
Customer Acquisition and Sales Training Alyshan Kara & Chris Gray Customers outbound prospecting, cold calling, buying cycle
PR Fundamentals for Startups Deb Belcourt Customers brand promise, social media, good story, key message, media relations, communication strategy, public relations, ideal headline, brand essence, social media live, media prep
Business Improvisation for Entrepreneurs Randy Sabourin Mindset improvisation, opportunity, leadership, empathy
Mindfulness Meditation for the Entrepreneurial Mindset David Schlanger Mindset mindfulness meditation, self awareness, growth mindset, entrepreneurial mindset, neuroscience, nervous system, prefrontal cortex, resiliency, Take 5 Executive Meditation
Startup Law: 7 Things to Avoid Kobi Bessin Operations intellectual property, vesting, insurance, incorporate, independent contractor, hybrid approach, investors, fiduciary duty, insurance, disclosure agreement, joint venture, sole proprietor, seed financing
Faultless Due Diligence Michelle McBane Operations angel investor, due diligence, fundraising, term sheet, founding team, financing plan, referral, screening due diligence, business due diligence, legal due diligence
IP Best Practices with Big Impact for your Start-up Business Maya Medeiros Operations  
Startup Insurance Jennifer Tywhitt Gory and Chris Gory Operations defense costs, CGL policy, retroactive date, commercial insurance, business interruption, legal costs, WSIB, professional liability exclusion, commercial general liability, health insurance, private health services plan, life insurance, healthcare spending account (HSA), first dollar defense (FDD), insurance penalty, retroactive date, property insurance, cyber risk, employee benefits, employee dishonesty
Finding Co-Founders Eric Rafat Teams recruiting, landing page, core team, interview, web application, equity portion, value alignment, Founders Canada, resources, job posting, web developer, mock up
How Not to Kill Your Co-Founders: Strategies and Tools for Successful Teamwork Lillian Blume Teams accountability, trust, reliability agreement, conflict, facilitator, agenda, receiving feedback, mission statement, healthy conflict, giving feedback, commitment clarification, communication agreement
7 Relationship Management Imperatives for Startups Carol Roberts Teams  
Finding Your Founding Team Cristian Villamarin Teams  
Side Hustles & Startups: Is Entrepreneurship For You?
Sean Wise Getting Started customer segment, side hustle, lean canvas, early adopters, business model, insights, customer discovery, investors, competitive advantage, minimum viable product, scale

Setting Up Shopify + Creating Your First Store
Phill Smith Prototypes & Tools pixel, budget, campaign, ad set, impression, traffic, business manager, ad account, primary text, scarcity, custom audience, hot traffic, SMART goal, CPM, cold traffic, scale, hard metrics, soft metrics, CTA, KPI, funnel. warm traffic, home page, benchmark, comparison price, search engines, short tail keywords, conversion API, influencer, value proposition, long tail keywords, PAS formula, AIDA formula, AOV
Digital Marketing Trends & Opportunities
Darrell Keezer Strategy & Growth strategy, website, social media, campaign, email, users, organic, referral, landing page, chatbot, conversion rate, budget, API, email list, Facebooks ads, traffic, influencer, task management, video asset, lead funnel, target audience, target market, case study, customer acquisition, inbound marketing, outbound marketing
PR Fundamentals for Startups Joy Yap Customers pitch, story, brand, email, key messages, press, blog, website, social media, interview, target audience, proof points, follow up, influencer, beat, contributed articles, PR goals, supporting visuals, business plan, reporter bradning, call to action, Google analytics, value proposition, bootstrapping
The Science of Influencer Identification and Social Listening Dr. Jaigris Hodson Prototypes & Tools social media, campaign, brand, hashtags, micro influencer, offline influencer, bootstrapping, target market, macro influencer, social media audit, trends, Google analytics, public relations, top users, 3 R's, meso influencer, measurement tools, conversion, target audience, niche market