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RVZ Industry Challenge

Ryerson Venture Zone in Brampton takes an industry-driven approach to our entry program, the Industry Challenge. RVZ has partnered with local companies in the Brampton region with a global reach to create meaningful relationships and bridge the gap between startups and corporate enterprises. The industry sector focus for 2020-2021 is Community Health and Wellness. RVZ has partnered with the following organizations:

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RVZ’s Industry Challenge is a 4-week intensive program. Applicants will apply as individuals and be paired with a co-founder using Boxout Performance's data-driven 'NeckUp CheckUp Assessment', where they will have the chance to explore industry-driven problem statements. Over the course of 4 weeks, participants will have the opportunity to engage with our industry partner and receive mentorship and early validation of their solution.

We are searching for applicants interested in building solutions that solve one of the following challenge statements:

Healthcare and Health Services Delivery

Navigating the healthcare system with diverse communities in mind. (For example: New Canadians understanding their health care options and government programs.)

Supportive Homes and Communities

Community accessibility for the aging population. (For example: Aging New Canadians accessing resources and creating a local network for newly developed lifestyles in their new home country.)

Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness

Self management, physical fitness, tracking & monitoring with barriers because of language & tech usability in mind. (For example: Helping households monitor, track, and analyze chronic health conditions that are more prominent in the Brampton region such as diabetes, cholesterol, and high-blood pressure.)

Reinvent Home-based Care

Developing turnkey infrastructure for seamlessly connecting home-bound seniors to resources, services and assets in their communities. (For example: Enables home & community-based health workers, patients and their informal caregivers to seamlessly scan and contact relevant resources to help their clients meet their goals for aging in place free or paid.)

Solutions for the Home-caregiver

Developing turnkey at-home infrastructure to further support elderly care given by informal caregivers (family members). (For example: How do we inspire them to live well while caring for others by making caregiving easier and more enjoyable? How do we support the independence of our elderly as they age in place for as long as possible and lessen the burden on their caregivers?)

Mental Health & Wellness (Young Adults & Early Career Professionals)

Developing solutions to provide care and attention for mental health and wellness for young adults and early career professionals. (For example: More than ever before, mental wellness has taken centre stage amidst adapting to the COVID norms. Young Adults are adjusting to virtual learning with no ability to create in person bonds with professors, mentors, peers. Early Career Professionals are working virtually, with lack of visibility to office norms, lacklustre virtual on-boarding, inability to create bonds with colleagues with no office time. How do we support Young Adults and Early Career Professionals to unlock other engagement opportunities despite a virtual setting? Are there better ways to support one another through these difficult times?)

Retention of Future Home Healthcare Workforce

Home is and will be the desired setting for nearly all healthcare procedures and experiences. Demand for the home healthcare workforce - health aides (“personal support workers”), nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nutritionists and social workers has been soaring. However, the turnover rate in this workforce is challenging both service providers and the receipt of these services. Current solutions in the industry include traditional HR tools, strategies and processes. Through leveraging new HR technologies, particularly in artificial intelligence, how can we optimize talent retention for the home healthcare workforce?


Dynacare Community Lab (Ontario)

Community laboratory services (those performed outside hospitals) are provided by private companies. When a given patient receives a lab requisition, they often select which lab to visit based on convenience of location. What value proposition can Dynacare offer to patients visiting a lab that will differentiate its service? How can their lab sites, as community healthcare providers, play a greater role in supporting Ontarians’ health and wellbeing?

Applicant Criteria:

  • Applicants must be 21+ years of age
  • Ready and willing to be a full-time founder
  • Able to commit to 4-week programming 
  • General interest in health and wellness

We will accept existing startups only if:

  • Your startup is less than <1 year old and still pre-revenue
  • Your solution is directly applicable to one of the outlined problem statements

Expected Program Outcomes:

  • Paired with a co-founder
  • Identified an industry problem to pursue 
  • Validated solution with industry partners
  • One-on-one mentorship 
  • Founder and startup development workshops 
  • Access to 100 Steps 2 Startup
  • Access to BoxOut Mental Performance training
  • Access to early-stage business services

Applications Open: September 9th - October 12th

Acceptances: October 16th 

Challenge Duration: October 30th - December 4th

Taking a data-driven approach to building high-performing entrepreneurs

BoxOut Performance

RVZ will be partnering with BoxOut Performance, a local Brampton startup that specializes in mental development to create high-performing individuals by using a suite of tools, including Peak Performance Psychology, in order to optimize the health and wellness of our founders. RVZ will leverage BoxOut Performance’s ‘NeckUp CheckUp Assessment’ to take a non-bias, data-driven approach to pairing founders together as part of our Industry Challenge phase. 

The ‘NeckUp CheckUp Assessment’ assesses over 55 different data points of an individual, Including areas such as: mental toughness, coachability, processing speed, perception, attention to detail, grit, and composure. These skills are critical to early founder development and are important to identify when pairing individuals

100 Steps 2 Startup

Ryerson Venture Zone in Brampton will utilize 100 Steps 2 Startup (an online platform focused on new venture creation via Lean Methodology) during RVZ’s Industry Challenge. This guided program offers a combination of workshops and one-on-one mentorship sessions for participants, leading them towards the creation of a new venture. For participants with little or no exposure to the startup ecosystem, 100 Steps 2 Startup can serve as an introduction to entrepreneurship and help them acquire the basic fundamentals of new venture creation.

During a period of 4-weeks, participants will work to complete the initial 20 steps of 100 Steps 2 Startup, focusing on core areas such as: The Lean Canvas, Goal Setting, Problem Definition, Customer Discovery, Market Need Analysis, and Determining a Value Proposition.

At the conclusion of this 4-week period, founders are encouraged to continue with 100 Steps 2 Startup and will either be admitted to RVZ’s four month Founder Development Program (Pre-Incubator), or will directly advance to the eleven month Startup Development Program (Incubator), depending upon their progress.