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RVZ Launch

Launch is a virtual 8 month, non-equity based incubator program designed for MVP-ready technology startups to launch in the market. We provide startups in the health and wellness and/or smart city, mobility, and logistics sectors with access to industry partners for early market validation as well as opportunities to secure potential pilots.

In addition, founders will go through venture development workshops and receive integrated mentorship that supports them with launching their MVP in the market.

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Applications Are Now Closed

Why RVZ Launch?


Direct access to c-suite executives within your customer profile


Early market validation from pre-vetted industry partners


Up to $20,000 in non-dilutive funding (Incubator Fellowship)


Personal brand building opportunities across the RVZ network

For any questions about the program, get in touch with us at


What you get

Mentorship from the best-in-class entrepreneurs in residence on

Expected program outcomes

  • Venture Development (Leadership to Operations)
  • Market Development (Research to Go-to-market Strategy)
  • Technical Development (Proof of concept to Market Ready)
  • Customer Development (Sales and Marketing)
  • Capital Development (Startup Finances and Fundraising Strategy)
  • Define organizational structure 
  • Develop your go to market strategy
  • Create a pilot-launch plan 
  • Refine product roadmap
  • Acquire your first customer or complete your first pilot
  • Establish a fundraising strategy

Meet our EIR's (Entrepreneurs in Residence) here!

Access a total of up to $300,000 in Fellowships

Founders who are accepted into Launch will have access to one of many RVZ Fellowships (total value of up to $300,000) with no strings attached - no equity or intellectual property taken in return.



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Driver Retention

An increasing shortage of drivers and retention of drivers may be linked to the lack of tools and systems available for them to perform their best.

Smart City and Infrastructure

As the demand for mobility of goods increases, the ability to streamline infrastructure, whether it be physical infrastructure, internet connectivity or policies/regulations, become important to enable the city to run smoothly.

Supply Chain Management

SME’s require inventory management systems while managing their cost on technology implementation, whether it is at the warehouse or communication with suppliers and customers.

Mobility of Goods

With the increasing number of online purchases, the mobility of goods, whether it be first, middle or last mile, are all experiencing increased stress. There is an opportunity to decentralize inventory deployment and streamline the mobility of goods

Managing the Health and Safety of SML Employees

Employers are struggling to manage the protocols needed for the health and safety of their employees. This includes checking temperatures in premises, regular rapid testing as well as vaccination protocols.

Healthcare and Health Services Delivery


Navigating the Canadian healthcare system with diverse communities in mind. (For example: New Canadians understanding their health care options and government programs).

Supportive Homes and Communities

Community accessibility for the aging population. For example: aging new Canadians accessing resources and creating a local network for newly developed lifestyles in their new home country.

Healthy Lifestyles and Wellness


Self management, physical fitness, tracking and monitoring with barriers because of language and tech usability in mind. For example: helping households monitor, track, and analyze chronic health conditions that are more prominent in the Brampton region such as diabetes, cholesterol, and high-blood pressure.

Reinvent Home-based Care

Developing turnkey infrastructure for seamlessly connecting home-bound seniors to resources, services and assets in their communities. For example: enabling home & community-based health workers, patients and their informal caregivers to seamlessly scan and contact relevant resources in order to help their clients meet their goals for aging.

Retention of Future Home Healthcare Workforce

Home is and will be the desired setting for nearly all healthcare procedures and experiences. Demand for the home healthcare workforce - health aides (“personal support workers”), nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nutritionists and social workers has been soaring. However, the turnover rate in this workforce is challenging both service providers and the receipt of these services. Through leveraging new HR technologies, particularly in artificial intelligence, how can we optimize talent retention for the home healthcare workforce?

Mental Health & Wellness (Young Adults & Early Career Professionals)

Developing solutions to provide care and attention to mental health and wellness for young adults and early career professionals. For example: mental wellness has taken centre stage for both young adults and early career professionals amidst adapting to new COVID norms. How can we support these groups in connecting with their peers, mentors, and professors despite being in a virtual setting? Are there better ways to support one another through these difficult times?

Solutions for the Home-caregiver

Developing turnkey at-home infrastructure to further support elderly care given by informal caregivers (family members). For example: how do we inspire them to live well while caring for others by making caregiving easier and more enjoyable? How do we support the independence of our elderly as they age in place for as long as possible and lessen the burden on their caregivers?

This is a competitive cohort with a limited number of companies being admitted into the incubator program. This program is open to applicants from across Canada. Applicants must:

  • Be 21+ yrs of age (and not a current student)
  • Have a legally incorporated business in Canada
  • Have a working, demoable MVP (minimum-viable product)
  • Have some form of market validation data (market research, user interviews, market feedback, POC/LOI/Pilot, customers, or investors)
  • Be able to commit atleast 5 hours/week to the program
  • Have min. 1 dedicated full time founder and max. 4-person founding team
  • Have <$500K in private capital raised
  • Have general commercial liability insurance

Are you ready to launch your startup?