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2021 Incubator Startups

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MedaKi is building a software that helps local pharmacies sell their products and services online. Their platform allows users to connect to a pharmacy near them and order over-the-counter products such as vitamins, baby diapers, and cough syrup with same-day delivery.

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Ellerca Health has built 360Care, a lifestyle and behavioral health solution for people with chronic conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, providing comprehensive health coaching, health tracking and remote monitoring all through the convenience of an app.


Loupe bridges the gap between dentists, patients, and their insurance companies. They partner with dental offices to give them their time back by automating their insurance verification process. By removing the ambiguity, they give dentists the tools to take their patient care to the next level.

Oh Band is a smart wearable device creating a new standard for hand hygiene. Their patent-pending algorithm technology ensures that users effectively wash their hands on-time, every time. Using sensor-based technology, Oh Band not only prompts users to wash their hands, but it also ensures that each hand wash meets the WHO hygiene standard. Finally, the band omits an "always-on" LED status to communicate the last time a user washed their hands to their co-workers, patients, and administrators.

HealthBank is building a payments infrastructure and financial operating system for the healthcare industry. Their infrastructure is built on top of their proprietary insurance engine, which seamlessly integrates with major insurance carriers, benefits and HR (employer) platforms, third party administrators and healthcare providers to streamline insurance, payments and finance for the healthcare industry in both Canada as well as the United States.

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MedEssist is the next generation of customer relationship management SaaS for pharmacies. Through MedEssist, local pharmacies are transformed into modern and proactive healthcare hubs. This year, they have streamlined the promotion and operationalization of COVID-19 vaccinations for hundreds of pharmacies across Canada. They are excited to turn the capacity that pharmacies displayed during the pandemic into new healthcare services for their communities beyond COVID-19 such as cancer prevention, further immunizations and more.

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rEVEN.AI is a process automation platform that is enabling healthcare facilities to automate their existing legacy processes, using computer vision, neural networks (deep learning), and FHIR.

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Doctalk improves the lives of physicians via unique digital process improvements involving collaboration with their MD colleagues. They are focused on an application that dramatically improves the unique needs of physician resident education with a competency-based learning approach.

Culture Mindful is a workforce growth mindset coaching platform designed upon proven methods to boost workforce performance and mental well-being.

2020 Industry Challenge Awards Winners

1st place winner ($10,000 value)

MedaKi- Founded by Sundar Manku and Zain Quraishi. 

An online platform, MedaKi, external link allows users to connect with local pharmacies through a map interface and enables them to order over the counter products such as cough medicine, nasal spray, and feminine hygiene products, as well as prescription medication for same-day delivery.

2nd place winner ($6,000 value)

NYMO- Founded by Nikita Madhyani and partnered with RVZ Industry Challenge entrepreneur Hiren Kapadia.

NYMO is focused on bridging the gap between insurance companies, dental care providers and patients to create optimal oral health for both Bramptonians and Ontarians.

3rd Place Winner ($4,000 value)

Kinetika Performance- Founded by Elizabeth Salas

Kinetika, external link is a biomechanics hub that provides educational courses, resources, and analyses to coaches and athletes to help them reduce the risk of injury.