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2022 Incubator Startups

EmergConnect has created a first of its kind patient-facing mobile platform that acts as a digital ‘front door’ for patient’s seeking same day care.

SnapSmile helps dentists provide personalized patient engagement to increase the number of new patients, and old patients that visit their clinic.

Tenomix’s mission is to develop novel technologies that target inefficiencies in the pathology workflow; thus enabling clinicians to make better-informed treatment decisions.

FirstScreen is a custom health screening solution that protects private health information. Businesses decide on the health policy for their teams based on data visualized and provided by FirstScreen.


Savyn is an inclusive, digital mental health platform utilizing innovative therapies to heal trauma. Offered in multiple languages, the platform utilizes eye movements, accessing both memories, emotions and trauma held in the body to heal holistically.


Pumpkin Kart is Toronto’s own, ethnic food and grocery delivery service currently catering to the south asian and middle-eastern communities in Canada.


Founded in 2019, SCOOTY is the GTA’s first public-facing e-scooter/e-bike sharing service, providing affordable and reliable local mobility. SCOOTY offers connections to public transit and supports transit-oriented communities through partnerships with municipalities and developers.


Reindeere is offering efficiency using robotics in a white-label, hyperlocal and on-demand delivery service to allow small-to-medium scale retailers to gain better quality, control and insight into their customers’ experience.


Prepaire aims to empower people to cook and share their recipes with the rest of the world. This enables the discovery of dishes for individuals who are looking for authentic, home-made meals.


Bluicity is revolutionizing the use of IoT in logistics chains through its BluTag patent pending tags and associated software as a service. Bluicity guarantees data collection in and between massive scale locations (ports, warehouses etc.) and during transportation.


Parsedata, EV charging and V2G tokenized marketplace (V2G2$), is a technology platform for cities to provide their citizens a path to de-carbonization through electrification of transport and be rewarded for it at the same time.


Ecosystem Informatics Inc is a next generation air quality monitoring and management solution creating a paradigm shift in ambient monitoring. The product gives cites, industries & advocacy groups a tool to manage environmental impact and operational efficiencies.


Transpots is empowering small trucking companies with the technology to compete and succeed. It offers affordable solutions to seamlessly manage the most challenging parts of their trucking operations – while also providing lending at the point of need.


Bryskit is a technology company that provides businesses with on-demand delivery capacity.

2021 Incubator Startups

2020 Industry Challenge Awards Winners

1st place winner ($10,000 value)

MedaKi- Founded by Sundar Manku and Zain Quraishi. 

An online platform, MedaKi, external link allows users to connect with local pharmacies through a map interface and enables them to order over the counter products such as cough medicine, nasal spray, and feminine hygiene products, as well as prescription medication for same-day delivery.

2nd place winner ($6,000 value)

NYMO- Founded by Nikita Madhyani and partnered with RVZ Industry Challenge entrepreneur Hiren Kapadia.

NYMO is focused on bridging the gap between insurance companies, dental care providers and patients to create optimal oral health for both Bramptonians and Ontarians.

3rd Place Winner ($4,000 value)

Kinetika Performance- Founded by Elizabeth Salas

Kinetika, external link is a biomechanics hub that provides educational courses, resources, and analyses to coaches and athletes to help them reduce the risk of injury.