On-line Resources in Psychology

Psychology Dictionary

Psychology Dictionary and Glossary--An extensive on-line source for definitions and brief explanations of psychological terms and concepts.

Archives and Meta-sites

Classics in the History of Psychology--Excellent on-line archive of classic articles in psychology, maintained by Christopher Green of York Univ., Toronto, Canada.
PsychScholar--Extensive site with categorized links for both students and teachers; maintained by John Krantz of Hanover College.
Psych Web--Russ Dewey's well-known site, offering resources and links for both students and teachers.
Research Resources for the Social Sciences--Site developed by Craig McKie of Carleton University in conjunction with McGraw-Hill; as the title suggests, it is broader than the psychology lists given above.

On-line Journals

Psycholoquy--Psycholoquy journal in hypertext format, searchable by topic and keyword.
Behavioral and Brain Sciences--Web site for print journal; contains current articles submitted for peer commentaries.
Current Research in Social Psychology--Electronic Journal of social psychology.
Cogprints--A searchable on-line archive of articles in cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and related fields.
Psychology-related journals--excellent directory of on-line publication sites, maintained by Dr. John Krantz of Hanover College in Indiana.
PSYCLINE: Psychology Journal Locator--List of over 2000 journals in several languages; created by Armin Guenther of Universitat Augsburg.
Note: other links for journals related to particular approaches are provided on the pages keyed to each chapter of Approaches to Psychology

Psychology Organizations        

American Psychological Association--Home Page for the major association of American psychologists
Association for Psychological Science--Home Page for APS (more experimentally-oriented than APA)
Australian Psychological Society--Home page for the major association of Australian psychologists
British Psychological Society--Home Page for the major association of British psychologists
Canadian Psychological Association--Home Page for the major association of Canadian psychologists

Other Organizations of Educational Interest

National Institutes of Health--U.S. government agency which funds some types of psychological research.
National Science Foundation--Major U. S. government research organization.
Library of Congress--Home page for U.S. Library of Congress web resources, including on-line exhibits and archives of photos and other multimedia.