Reader, this is the graphic novel adaptation of Lazarillo de Tormes. Lazarillo is credited with founding a literary genre, the picaresque novel, from the Spanish word pícaro, meaning “rogue.” In novels of this type, the adventures of the pícaro expose injustice while amusing the reader. This extensive genre includes not only Spanish authors like Cervantes but also international authors like, Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones and Mark Twains’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Its influence extends to XXI century novels, dramas and films featuring the “anti-hero.”

This graphic novel adaptation offers a new approach to old questions about a book that has puzzled readers and critics alike for centuries. Who was its mysterious author? Why did the Inquisition forbid this seemingly harmless book? Who read this book and how was it understood? These and other questions recreated in the graphic novel aim to offer the modern reader a broader vision of the fortunes and adversities that this book “lived” and how against all odds became a literary classic.