Fields, Flows, and Interfaces

Labratory of Fields, Flows, and Interfaces Header Graphic
Principal Investigator

Scott S. H. Tsai

Ryerson University

Department of Mechanical
and Industrial Engineering

Our article on the cover of Lab on a Chip in July 2016. LoFFI attending Ontario on a Chip symposium in May 2015. Magneto-capillary self-assembly of magnetic spheres at an oil-water interface. Collection and jetting of magnetic nanoparticles by a magnetic field. LoFFI ice cream social in May 2015. Passage and trapping of microparticles at a microfluidic co-flow interface. Four stages of the particle passage process in microfluidics-based conformal coating.

Welcome to the Laboratory of Fields, Flows, and Interfaces (LoFFI) at Ryerson University

We are involved in the development of small devices and advanced materials that have applications in biomedicine. We experiment with physical systems that couple the interaction of electromagnetic fields, fluid flows, and fluid-fluid interfaces, and model the observed phenomena to optimize our technologies.

Our group often uses microfluidic platforms—systems of microchannels where viscosity and surface tension dominate the physics of fluid flow—to manipulate particles and biological agents, and leverage our expertise in fluid mechanics and electromagnetism to control the processes. We believe that the technologies we develop will greatly benefit the biotechnology sector. We also expect our fundamental research to be of significant interest to the fluid mechanics and materials science communities.

Most of all, we value an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. We enjoy working with diverse groups, whether academic scientists and engineers, or industrial and hospital partners. We welcome new collaborations.