Fields, Flows, and Interfaces

Labratory of Fields, Flows, and Interfaces Header Graphic
Principal Investigator

Scott S. H. Tsai

Ryerson University

Department of Mechanical
and Industrial Engineering


Diamagnetic separation of cell-containing and empty droplets

Microfluidic diamagnetic separation of cell-encapsulating and empty droplets. (From our article in Lab on a Chip.)

Microfluidic passive water-in-water droplet generation

Using hydrostatic pressure to generate water-in-water droplets in a microfluidic device. (From our article in Analytical Chemistry.)

Spiky aqueous two-phase system based particles

Spike formation on a polyermizable water-in-water droplet. (From our article in Soft Matter.)

Encapsulation and release of cells

Encapsulation and controlled release of a cancer cell from a water-in-water droplet. (From our article in Lab on a Chip.)

Pickering water-in-water emulsions

Using microparticles to stabilize water-in-water droplets. (From our article in Langmuir.)