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EXAMPLE 1: (This updates and replaces the previous quiz.    

 Spigott County has a population of 530,000 in 2011. (275,600 male and 254,400 female.  Deaths (all causes combined) in 2011 were 512 (266 m and 246 f).  New diagnoses of Osteohaemochromatosis (Os) in that year numbered 42.  The number of existing cases of Os on July 1st 2011 were 66.  Deaths from Os in that year were 8 (5 m and 3 f).  These numbers are fairly constant from year to year.

FIND:  Crude mortality rate for Spigott County in 2011: ...

            0.966 per 1,000

Gender-specific mortality rate (female) in 2011: ... 

             0.967 per 1,000

Cause-specific mortality rate for OS in 2011: ....

            1.51 per 100,000

Case-fatality rate for Os in 2011: ...........


Mean duration of Os:.................

             1.57 years

Proportionate mortality rate for Os in 2011: ......




EXAMPLE 2: (This updates and replaces the previous quiz. 

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 Ailsa Braig has a population of 102,500 in 2010.  They eat a lot of rice but the climate is wet.  Every year they have cases of Bongkrek poisoning (Bp) due to eating mouldy rice.   In 2010, 1005 people died (all causes combined). 110 new cases of Bp were diagnosed that year, 12 deaths were recorded in the year due to Bp.  


2010 incidence rate for Bongkrek poisoning:  1.073 per 1,000

2010 cause-specific mortality rate for this condition:  1.171 per 10,000

2010 case-fatality rate for this condition:  10.9 %

2010 PMR for this condition: 1.194 %