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Faculty of Communication & Design

Where do you want to go?

In our increasingly globalized world, integrating an overseas study component is an invaluable educational experience for post-secondary students.

Here are some of the key benefits students have provided as feedback:

  • higher satisfaction with undergraduate experience
  • developed greater resilience and adaptability
  • cultural awareness
  • higher employment rates following graduation

FCAD’s international exchange program recognizes the importance of encouraging students to develop their global perspective. Students who participate in the exchange program experience new cultures in different teaching and curricular environments, which positively impacts their personal growth and career prospects.

"When you go on exchange, you have the opportunity to develop your international network, deepen your cultural understanding, and broaden your knowledge of the world."

Before You Apply

It is recommended that you attend an information workshop or meet with the FCAD exchange coordinator before applying for the exchange.

  • Exchange information workshops are scheduled during the Fall semester.
  • Each FCAD school/program will have a workshop specific to that program.
  • All second year student will be contact with workshop dates, location, and time.

Eligibility and Selection Process

Admission to the FCAD exchange program is highly competitive and meeting the minimum eligibility requirements does not  guarantee an interview.

To be eligible, applicants must meet the following minimum academic requirements:

  • Applications are open to students who are in the second year of a full-time FCAD program.
  • Clear academic standing (i.e. non-probation)
  • A minimum CGPA of 2.5

Preliminary assesment: Getting an interview.

Not everyone who applies will be interviewed.

  1. Applications are first ranked by academic requirements (CGPA).
  2. Competative applications proceed to a review of the supporting documents (personal statement).
  3. Interviews are granted to successful applicants and are contingent on the number of applicants vs available exchange spots. 


Application deadline for 2018-2019 exchange program:

Wednesday January 31st 2018
12 noon

RCC 380C


Where can I go?

FCAD currently has over 38 exchange partners in 11 countries. Explore your options here.

How much will it cost?

When you go on exchange, you pay tuition fees to Ryerson University for a full course load - not the international student fees to the host university you choose. Ryerson tuition fees for students going on exchange are subject to the standard established methods, payment deadlines and service charges, as if the student was spending the academic session at Ryerson.

Tuition does not cover additional expenses such as books, stationery, lab equipment, or other standard required fees required at the host university.

Students going on exchange are responsible for finding their own accommodation. However, some of our partner universities have their own residence hall accommodations with fixed costs.

Students are responsible for their own travel expenses when going on exchange.

Most exchange destinations require mandatory health insurance while studying. Additional travel insurance is also strongly recommended.

Many countries require a student visa for international exchange. Students are responsible for all visa applications and fees. Costs vary from country to country and from year to year.


Ensure you have proper financing in place before seriously pursuing the exchange program.

OSAP, scholarships & bursaries

FCAD Dean's Travel Bursary
Details about the 2017-2018 DTB application will be announced during the fall 2017 semester and will be sent to all outbound exchange students.

Faculty of Communication & Design (FCAD) students participating in the FCAD International Exchange Program may apply for a travel bursary by completing the application (TBA) and submitting it to the FCAD Exchange Office

  • Eligibility: These awards are restricted to full-time FCAD students who have maintained clear academic standing and who will be participating in an approved international exchange program.
  • Amount: TBA
  • How to Apply:TBA

FCAD school/program scholarships specific to exchange

Some FCAD schools/programs have scholarships that are specific for students who have or are planning on going on exchange. Details and requirements for scholarships vary and may be subject to change.

Rebel with a Cause Award - $1,000 for a journalism student traveling abroad.

David & Anna Bulmash Innovation Award for Exchange - $3,000 for a GCM student traveling abroad.

RTA School of Media
Henry White Kinnear International Exchange Student Award

IMA - Photography
Roloff Beny Foundation Photography Award

Interior Design
Ann Le Ber Travel Award (details can be found via School of Interior Design)


Student Loans

If you receive student loans, check with the Student Financial Assistance before applying for exchange. While all exchanges are approved by the Financial Aid Office, the difference in start and end dates of our partner universities can sometimes result in a reduction in student loans. the OSAp guidelines for exchange students can be found here.

Scholarships and Bursaries

If you receive a scholarship or bursary, check with the Financial Aid and Awards Office before applying for exchange to make sure your payment amount will not be affected.


Courses may be called subjects, units or modules depending on the host university.  Exchange partner universities may permit you to choose courses from various faculties whereas others provide a specific course list or program.

The host universities may also have a minimum and maximum number of courses or credits that you can take. Some courses are taught over one semester, other courses may be taught over one year.

Workload while on exchange
The number of courses equivalent to your program at Ryerson varies by university. For example:

European universities: 30 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) points equals a full-time semester.

UK universities: 60 credits is the equivalent of 30 ECTS credits or a full-time course load. However, some UK universities will require only have 3 courses per semester, while some may require 4-5 courses. It will depend on the program and the university.

A complete list of course-load requirements at partner universities can be found here.

Course Approval

  • Once you have been approved for the exchange in April, students are required to meet with your academic coordinator to review and discuss your academic advisory report and determine what will be approved for transfer credits once you return.
  • Students are required to review and confirm your study plan and finalized timetable with your academic coordinator as well as any changes that occur during the course registration at your host university.
  • Courses not approved by your academic coordinator are not guaranteed to be transferred back to Ryerson.
  • FCAD students are eligible for an upper-level liberal credit for successfully passing and completing your academic semester abroad.

Credits are transferred through the transfer credit application process after the final exchange university transcripts are received by the FCAD exchange office. Students must pass the approved courses and have completed a full-time course load at your host university to have the credits transferred. Credits from you exchange do not affect GPA at Ryerson University.

Where can I get more information?

fFall Semester Information Workshops

FCAD program-specific exchange information workshops are held every fall semester. The workshops are an opportunity to ask questions and start developing a general understanding of what to expect in terms of the application and selection process.

All second year students will be contacted with date/time/location details once they are determined.

Students are encouraged to start exploring the FCAD exchange partners early. A list of FCAD exchange partners can be found here.


FCAD Exchange Coordinator

Martin Chochinov
RCC 380C

How to Apply
  1. Apply: Complete the online application. (Available  January 8th 2018).
  2. Print: Print one copy - you will be prompted to print the application before your final submission.
  3. Statement: Tell us about yourself: Why are you in your program at Ryerson? What are your academic and professional goals? How will the exchange fit in to your plans? 500-700 word (min-max).
  4. Reference: The online application requires the name and contact information for one academic references. We recommend that you email your reference letting them know that you are applying for the exchange program and ask them if they would act as a reference. References are not required to submit a letter; please provide contact information only.
  5. Deadline: Bring your printed application and statement to RCC 380C on or before January 31, 2018 @ 12 noon. Late applications will not be accepted.
  • Successful students must meet the minimum requirements set by their department/school and the partner university (2.5 GPA).
  • The decision of the FCAD Exchange Office on the allocation of places is final and there is no right of appeal. 
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Late applications will not be considered.
  • Applications are not accepted by email.
Approval Process

Approval Process:

  • Your application will be evaluated by your departmental/faculty exchange committee.
  • Eligible applicants will be interviewed in February/March.
  • Successful applicants will be notified with a conditional offer of acceptance by early April.
  • Successful applicants will be nominated to the host universities approximately in late March (for fall exchange) or late August (for winter exchanges).
  • September/October: Students apply to the host universities.
  • Students attend a mandatory pre-departure orientation session approximately in April (for fall exchange) or October (for winter exchanges).