School of Urban and Regional Planning

School of Urban and Regional Planning

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Water. A Daily Challenge - By. Rachel Lee & Kevin Cooper

Upper Town Quebec City - By Timothy D'Agostino

Inca Terracing - By Stanley Lau

Haritage - By Huan Lin

Boston - by Deanne Barnes

Welcome to The School of Urban and Regional Planning!

Planning issues and debates related to transportation, the environment, economic development, and a host of other topics are in the headlines every day, and Ryerson is 'front and centre'.

Our role as a 'city builder' in the downtown core has never been more visible.  We have already started construction on developing a new part of the campus by building a new Student Learning Centre on Yonge Street in the heart of the City.  The regeneration of Maple Leaf Gardens is now complete and delivers a new athletic centre for the University.  After many years, we have also been able to work with city of Toronto planners to permanently close a portion of Victoria and Gould Streets to all traffic and create a pedestrian mall in the heart of campus.

From the revitalization of Regent Park and Lawrence Heights, to plans for extending transit further into the Greater Toronto Area, to the renewal of Toronto's waterfront, to planning for the Pan Am Games, we want to teach you about planning in action so that you can become part of the action.  Yes, our mission is to turn you into enlightened, engaged, and employed professionals who can think and do.


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