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School of Urban and Regional Planning

School of Urban and Regional Planning

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Yeates School of Graduate Studies

Urban Development (Master of Planning)

About the Program

Ryerson's graduate program in Urban Development is an advanced study program centred around a core sequence of design studios, core courses on issues of culture and nature in planning, electives plus a major research paper or project.

Urban Planning BrochureThe program offers a Master of Planning (M.Pl.) with a focus on urban development concentrating on design approaches for contemporary metropolitan regions, preparing students to understand current global and local dynamics. From this understanding, the program will ground students in emerging approaches to effectively respond to new planning challenges arising out of rapidly growing urban populations, complex demands from culturally diverse groups and deteriorating environmental and ecological conditions, coupled with constrained local government resources.

Within this context, the program offers a new holistic process for addressing the design and development in contemporary cities and regions. It combines an examination and analysis of economic, socio- cultural, political, ecological and spatial elements in refitting urban areas with attention to urban culture and nature - through addressing explicitly the principles of inclusivity and sustainability in designing for development.

The program is also unique in its two dimensions which differentiate the program from other Master’s degrees offered by various Canadian universities, putting students at the leading edge of contemporary urban design and planning:

  • The domain of urban development - defined as the restructuring, regeneration and revitalization of the existing metropolitan areas - a contemporary concern of accommodating growth in already built-up areas and avoiding further sprawl

  • An innovative integration of ‘culture’ and ‘nature’ - a combined multicultural and ecological framework facilitating sustainable urban development.

The M.PI. is fully accredited by the Canadian Institute of Planners and the Ontario Professional Planners Institute.