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4 years needed to graduate any ryerson hopsitality and tourism program
6:1 application ratio stating that for every 6 applications 1 gains acceptance. Adds a type of prestigue to the hopsitality and tourism management program
60000 in awards and scholarships given out by the hospitality and tourism management program at ted rogers school of management
4000 alumni that have graduated from the hospitality and tourism program in the past years
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Office Hours
TRS - 3 002
Monday - Friday
Ryerson University
Ted Rogers School of Management
350 Victoria St.
Toronto, M5K 2K3
Ryerson University
Ted Rogers School of Management
55 Dundas St. West
9th Floor, TRS - 3 002
Toronto, M5G 2C3
416 - 979 - 5041
RU Dining? Menu flyer casual dining at its best, RUDining? is a student run restaurant located in the ted rogers school of management building at ryerson university on the 7th floor of 55 dundas street west between joey's & best buy RU Dining? is open 12:00 to 1:30pm on tuesdays and thurday January to April, 2014

Awards bring valuable support to students

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