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Work Experience Requirement


HTM Hours - Work Experience Hours


To graduate from the Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, each student must complete 1000 hours of documented work experience (paid or unpaid) in the hospitality and tourism industry over the four years they are here. For convenience and ease of use, we refer to this experience as HTM Hours.

The original intent of the HTM hours program was to give our students practical experience in the hospitality and tourism industry to supplement their studies while at University. The past policy required that students in our program work 1600 hours before graduating. This requirement was put in place many years ago and had not changed substantially. When the program was first introduced, many of our students did not have to work during the school year to support their tuition, and not very many took summer school classes or went on exchange programs. Therefore we have adjusted the number of work hours from 1,600 to 1,000 to reflect the change in students' work habits.

Most of the information you need about the HTM Hours program can be found in the links below.  If you need further information feel free to contact HTM Hours by e-mail at


Frequently Asked Questions

I am a first year student. Can I bring in hours that I worked prior to starting the program?

Unfortunately they will not count. The work experience hours must be worked during your time at the Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.


I have submitted hours already to the HTM office, how do I know if they count towards my total hours?

Any hours that have previously been dropped off at the office will need to be uploaded to HTM Hours on D2L.  Simply go to the office an request a copy of your forms and upload them to D2L. 


I started the program before fall 2013.  At the time the policy stated that I could bring in up to 500 hours, can I still bring in those hours?

To be consistent with the new policy, students cannot bring in hours regardless of when they started the program. When you entered the program, the policy was 1,600 hours and you could bring in up to 500 hours.  By adjusting the hours to only needing 1,000 hours we have essentially made a change in the policy that makes your experience hours even more achievable than when you entered the program.


Do volunteer hours count towards work experience hours?

Yes, volunteer positions can count up to a maximum of 300 hours towards the Work Experience hours. Hours worked must be at hospitality and tourism related events. HTM Orientation, the Terry Fox Run, World Tourism Day, the Canadian Hospitality Foundation Gala, HTM Awards Night, Nuit Blanche, Luminato, the Ontario Hostelry Institute Awards and the Canadian Hotel Investment Conference are great examples among others.


My job is not included in the approved positions list. Do these hours still count?

Any exceptions must be approved. To get approval please send an email to This email must describe in detail why this job is relevant and provides you with transferable skills in the Hospitality and Tourism industry. For example: An administrative assistant for a law firm would include in their letter that they were responsible for organizing 3 events and booking travel for the partners. This position would be considered as providing valuable experience and therefore be approved.


My job is in retail and requires me to perform customer service responsibilities.  Do these hours still count?

With the exception of retail related to hospitality and tourism businesses like travel agencies and working the gift shop at a hotel, retail work experience is not one of the approved positions. While many retail positions can provide transferable skills, jobs in hospitality and tourism are attainable and are preferred.


I worked an un-paid internship over the summer, will those hours count?

While we do not encourage unpaid internships, the hours would be applicable as long as the position is hospitality and tourism related and on the approved positions list.


When are my hours due?

For your convenience we accept and approve Work Experience hours 3 times per year. Work Experience hours can be submitted on a rotating schedule October 30th, March 30th, and or May 30th each year and correspond to the hours worked that year. Hours are then assessed and results are uploaded on D2L.


Submission dates

October 30th

March 30th

May 30th


We encourage you to submit your hours during the three submission dates. We would advise you not to wait until the last possible submission date, as this will create an overload of submissions, thereby delaying the approval of hours.


How do I submit multiple Work Experience forms?

Students should cluster the various work experience hours for that year or deadline into one scanned document and then upload (See HTM How to Submit Hours) onto Blackboard.


I worked outside of Canada. Do my hours still count?

Yes, students can work in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry in any country. Documentation of hours worked must be in English.


When are the work hours verified?

Students must complete their 1,000 hours as a requirement for the HTH 901-Management Career Strategies class. It is required that students taking this class should have already finished their 1,000 hours and have all supporting Work Experience forms prior to enrolling in that class.


Why did I only get approved for 1,000 if I worked more than 1,000?

Although we value that you have worked more than 1,000 hours, the student has fulfilled the requirement and therefore are only given credit for 1,000 hours.


I am taking HTH 706- Management Placement and Experience, can these hours be used towards my Work Experience hours?

Unfortunately HTH 706 hours cannot be used. Hours worked as part of a student’s internship for HTH 706 will only be counted towards that class. We need to avoid the double counting of hours for academic credit.


I am part of the HTM Co-op Program do I have to submit a different form?

No, when co-op students submit a form for hours, it is the same form.  The only difference is that the students can get the form signed by their employer or their faculty advisor.  The form still needs to be completed and state all information required.  


I am an a transfer student who got credit for courses prior to entering the HTM program and expect to graduate faster than the required four years.  Do I still have to complete 1,000 hours of work experience?

All transfer students, whether they are from Ryerson, a college or another university must complete work experience hours. Recognizing that transfer students will graduate faster than four years, your work experience hours will be adjusted according to the number of credits you transferred into the program using the table below. If you qualify for a reduction in HTM Hours because of transfer credits, you simple print and scan a copy of your Transfer Credit Report from RAMSS and upload it.  We will assess the report and input the number of reduced hours into your gradebook. 


HTM Hours Transfer Credit Table



Work Experience Hours Required 










I did a co-op work term in college, can the time I was in co-op apply to the 1,000 work experience hours?

No, based on the intent of the policy and the requirement that all students complete work experience hours. However, depending upon the number of credits you were assessed as part of your transfer to Ryerson, the number of hours required will be less; see table in previous question.  


I have worked a number of years in the industry do I still have to fulfil the 1,000 Work Experience hours?

Yes, hours must be worked while enrolled in the program. We want students to get practical experience in the industry while learning theories in the classroom.


Q&A Updated April 2017

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