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Ted Rogers Leadership Centre

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A strong, vibrant and competitive Canada
...needs innovative, passionate, and inspiring leaders. That's what Ted Rogers believed, and it's the reason behind the Ted Rogers Leadership Centre.


Ryerson University is exceedingly grateful to the Rogers Family Foundation for its $1million gift, announced in June of 2015, to support the Ted Rogers Leadership Centre (TRLC) at the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM). The TRLC mission is to develop Canada’s next generation of ethical business leaders.

The Rogers family’s generous gift will enable the TRLC to:

  • Expand its programs, combining academic and practical approaches to leadership, allowing more students to develop the core competencies leaders need to excel;
  • Build its Ethical Leadership Case Studies Program to serve as a global resource for professors and students;
  • Launch the annual undergraduate Rogers National Ethical Leadership Case Competition; and
  • Create new universally accessible e-learning programs including critical thinking and ethical leadership.


Why Leadership?

Leadership has perhaps never been so important - or so challenging - as it is today. Today's leaders have to navigate complexity, rapid change, unpredictable markets, global interconnectedness and evolving regulatory environments as never before.

That takes skill...knowledge...creativity and strength.

Indeed, the strength and vibrancy of our leaders is key to the strength and vibrancy of our country and our future. That's what Ted Rogers - one of Canada's most celebrated and respected leaders- believed. And it's the reason behind the Ted Rogers Leadership Centre.

Chris MacDonald, Ph.D.
Director, Ted Rogers Leadership Centre

Toronto Mayor John Tory...

was our keynote speaker for this TRLC event on March 16, 2016:
Working Together in the Public Interest: Public-Private Partnerships and City-Building

Global reach!

Our 2015 webcast continues to be a world-wide hit! Over 53,000 people world-wide have viewed “Complementary & Alternative Medicine: A Business Ethics Perspective” in its first 2 weeks online!


TRLC news:

Professor Chris MacDonald, Director of TRLC, has been elected as a faculty representative on Ryerson University's Board of Governors.

TRLC Post Doctoral Fellow Hasko von Kriegstein has been appointed Assistant Director of TRLC's Jim Pattison Ethical Ledership Program. Starting this summer, Hasko will now be an Assistant Professor in the Ted Rogers School of Management.

Global reach!

Our recent webcast is a world-wide hit! Over 42,000 people world-wide have viewed“Complementary & Alternative Medicine: A Business Ethics Perspective” in its first 2 weeks online!