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The PROTEUS site is maintained by Dr. Tim Sly, Emeritus Professor, School of Occupational & Public Health, Ryerson University, Toronto, who holds professional qualifications in public health from the UK and Canada, an MSc (Epidemiology) from the Faculty of Medicine, University of W. Ontario, and a PhD (Risk Studies) from Teesside University, (UK).  He worked in Southern Ontario for some years as a public health inspector before focusing on field epidemiology in general and on food-borne diseases in particular.  He recently retired from full-time teaching at Ryerson University where he taught courses in epidemiology, biostatistics, food microbiology, parasitology, research methods, and risk assessment/perception to undergraduate and graduate students in several programs. He is frequently interviewed in print (MacLean's, New Scientist, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star), and on national radio and TV on topics such as BSE, E.coli, food borne diseases, and avian influenza.  His international consulting has taken him to Brazil, the Caribbean Region, and the Philippines. He has lectured in Jamaica, Taiwan, Brazil, UK, the Philippines, to ASEAN (Assoc. of S.E. Asian Nations), and across Canada. He was the external examiner for the School of Health Sciences, University of Technology, Kingston, Jamaica.   In Canada he has served on the Auditor-General for Canada's Expert Committee on Food Safety, and has conducted workshops and training sessions at many health units, conferences and educational seminars.
He has been published in the UK, USA, and Canada, and his publications on risk perception are included in reference material recommended by the government of New Zealand and by HSS, Washington, DC    



"I have been part of global public health since I became a student in 1964, and I still love it!   Not a day goes by without something new appearing somewhere in the world which reminds us that the health and safety of our society and of civilization as a whole is fragile, and increasingly vulnerable as our impact on the planet becomes more profound."

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National Health Command Centre, Taipei, Taiwan, (2005): Tim Sly was invited to make a presentation

on communication of health risks to regional health departments through closed-circuit TV.