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The Faculty of Arts has a bold vision for the humanities and social sciences in the 21st-century university. 

With a creative touch in program building, an edgy approach to research and discovery, a passion for student advancement and a drive to connect the past with the future, we are confident in our direction. We are inspired by each other and by our students, by our community partners and by the cultural vibrancy of downtown Toronto. Explore the Faculty of Arts, and experience the buzz for yourself! 

Upcoming Events

  • May 05, 2016
    Once again we are pleased to recognize the efforts of our staff. The Service Recognition Awards will recognize two staff members selected under the criteria of this award. The award recognizes the contributions of OPSEU and MAC employees who have gone above and beyond or led projects that have had significant impact on their departments and the larger Arts community.
  • May 27, 2017 - June 02, 2017
    • Brian Millado
    • History
      Department: Mark is the winner of several awards, including the Doug Webb Award in History, the Best Essay Prize in History, and the Faculty of Arts' J. D. Hague Memorial Award for community involvement.
      Phone: History
    • Munira Abukar
    • Criminal Justice
      Department: Munira is studying criminal justice at Ryerson University and her passion is trying to find a balance for equality, justice and helping others. This passion for the well-being of others spills into other aspects of her life and is the driving force behind her work.
      Phone: Criminal Justice
    • Brian Millado
    • English
      Department: Arts Innovator Brian Millado has been using the skills and knowledge that he's gained through my experience with the English program to further push my involvement with the Toronto poetry scene movement – specifically youth based projects.
      Phone: English
    • Hellen Tesfu
    • ACS
      Department: I got a first-hand look at the community outreach that Ryerson is well-known for. This experience was also a very important factor in helping me to secure a teaching job in South Korea when I graduated.
    • Idil Omar
    • ACS
      Department: Ryerson helped me network with people I never thought I’d meet. By holding many different titles and sitting on the various committees and boards across campus, I gained a multitude of career-based skills.
    • Anastasia Giaouris
    • ACS
      Department: The ACS program helped prepare me for both of my current career paths: it helped me in applying to teacher education programs – I moved on to get a Master of Teaching at OISE after Ryerson.
    • Aryan Esgandanian
    • Psychology
      Department: Without the assistance of Career Counselor Sonny Wong and many others in the Faculty of Arts, I may not have been able to enter my first choice for a Master’s program.
    • Ottilie (Kate) Grisdale
    • ACS
      Department: Arts Innovator Ottilie (Kate) Grisdale From 2009-2012, has had the privilege of co-leading the Ryerson International Issues Discussion (IID) series.
    • Sociology
      Department: Dr. Sugiman is a consummate researcher. She is currently working on a SSHRC-funded memory project involving gender and livelihoods. She is comparing the memories of working-class women in Oshawa, Ontario, Preston, Nova Scotia, and Lethbridge, Alberta, from girlhood to old age.
      Education: Chair, Department of Sociology
    • Philosophy
      Department: Does God's existence really matter? A new study published by Professor Klaas Kraay explores one of life's big questions. This area of focus is also the crux of a two-year research project funded by one of the largest philosophy grants in Canada.
    • Amina Jamal
    • History
      Department: The digital revolution has impacted the evolution of cities, changing urban spaces and city life. Dr. Art Blake, Associate Professor in History, is examining how digital technologies are affecting urban centres.
    • Amina Jamal
    • Social Sciences
      Department: In and against the Islam/secular dichotomy: South Asian Muslim women's struggles and transnational feminist practices
    • Psychology
      Department: Psychology professor Candice Monson led a North American study that shows the benefit of couples therapy when a partner has PTSD.
    • Psychology
      Department: The Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, led by Dr. Tisha Ornstein and the Psychophysiology Lab led by and Dr. Kristin Vickers, in collaboration with the Frederick W. Thompson Anxiety Disorders Centre at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, are carrying out a study examining cognitive functions and treatment efficacy in individuals with OCD and OCD Spectrum Disorders.
    • History & Politics
      Department: Jenny Carson (History) and Myer Siemiatycki (Politics and Public Administration) are leading a team that is examining the impact of collective responses to the growing prevalence of precarious employment.
    • Sociology
      Department: Winnie Ng, Unifor Sam Gindin Chair in Social Justice and Democracy, led a study documenting experiences of some of the older racialized workers who lost their jobs after big auto-parts manufacturer closed down in 2008.
    • Psychology
      Department: Professor Trevor Hart, director of Ryerson University's HIV Prevention Lab, co-authored study that suggests street youth who have been sexually abused as children tend to trade sex for basic needs such as food, shelter and clothes.
    • English
      Department: Dr. Jason Boyd is the Director of the Texting Wilde Project (TWP). The TWP is developing digitally-enabled methodologies to explore patterns and interconnections in large corpora of life-writing texts.
    • Criminology
      Department: Ryerson's Sara Thompson, right, and Sandra Bucerius, of U of T, lead a unique study on how community dynamics can increase or decrease the risk of terrorist activity.
    • Politics
      Department: New politics chair Sorpong Peou’s research on human security examines international response to governments that harm their own citizens.
    • Geography
      Department: Planting a tree in your yard has economic perks says Professor Andrew Millward, Department of Geography. He is the co-author of a new study that found trees save homeowners on their energy bills and helps Mother Nature too.
    • Psychology
      Department: Trevor Hart (HIV Prevention Lab) and David Day (Psychology of Crime and Delinquency Lab) are collaborating on research concerning risky health-related behaviours, with a focus on injury risk and sexual risk behaviours among incarcerated juvenile offenders.
    • English
      Department: Dr. Dennis Denisoff is a founding co-director of the Centre for Digital Humanities (CDH) (, which is committed to public engagement through open-access digital publishing, global knowledge mobilization, and local symposia and training workshops.